Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday the 30th

Even the kid tournament is more entertaining than this comic. (The college one is insulting!)

Tomorrow is Halloween - I expect a cartoon about the Fourth of July.

Today? New NCIS and Halloween Monk rerun.

Of course, that's what today's comic is about, I mean, come on!

It's not. Either Pluggers don't know what cool is, or I don't.

Ha ha, it's funny because he's fat and too poor to get tailored clothes.

Gag me.

Poor rhinoman.

Wait... belt buckle in the right hole? The belt, sure, especially in the back... part of the buckle that er, buckles the belt, maybe, though you can tell by feeling...

This doesn't make any sense - the buckle is where you start threading your belt through the holes, as I recall. So... he doesn't know how to put on a belt?

There are better ways to say this that would still mean "Ha ha, he's fat."

I almost thought that RhinoMan was looking at a poster of himself.

Onto Jeopardy! You always win as an audience member. (Though not the online game.)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday the 29th


I just wrote little essay for a little class.

We went to the Civil Rights Museum today, will that change how I look at today's cartoon?

Yes. Remember - I don't look at these until I click 'New Post'. And sometimes I'll type out some BS, and then look at the comic and give up.

But not today!

Young Pluggers drink Gatorade now.

And a young Plugger is around 60.

Yeah, Pluggers are old.

Yeah, he recycled this joke for teetotalers.

I'll recycle mine - Pennywise should kill all Pluggers.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday the 28th

I looked at the clocks at 10, going "hmm, why isn't it 9? My computer should change automatically. What is going on?"

I'll tell you why - the Communists have changed the DST dates, that's why!

Bah! I say.

Onto the comic - I wonder if Pluggerville is in one of those areas that doesn't screw with the clocks. (Though they may screw the clocks, it is Pluggerville.)

I wish Pluggers were reptiles - it would make the relationships that much more Plugged up!

Are they covered in blood-red moths? Maybe they're vampire moths. That would be awesome!

*Ahem* I know little about 'seal[s] of approval' - the one on Comics to assure the gore and nudity isn't corrupting our children (Thanks Mad!) and um, I've heard the phrase 'Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval? That must be what this is about.

SWAK! Sealed With A Kiss!

That must make business in Pluggerville very interesting.

As for tomorrow, I may have an excuse - I'm going to the Civil Rights Museum around 3 for a class... thing. I love the museum. I love museums. I'm not normal.

Saturday the 27th

Comic -

Virginia sucks.

Any place with a clichéd fall sucks.

We just had a week of fall temperatures, but it was raining the whole time, a yucky drizzle that would have been better with snow.

As for the caption... the less said the better.

Leaves fall, wow that's why it's called 'fall'! *copious vomiting*

I feel sorry for the plants in the area - that was much needed rain, everything will be green, and the highs will reach 70 again... and then bam! one frozen night, bye-bye green. (I went out in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops yesterday and I should have worn shorts. Weather!)

Oh, and now the kid can pronounce his 'r's?

Friday the 26th

Comic -


Why do Pluggers get to bowl more than me?

I love bowling.

But I don't think I talked to the ball, but I can't remember. I just remember having fun.

However, I have a lot of fun all the time, at least by my standards. I do appreciate the little things.

I miss my dogs.

Back to not-dogs, this guy is sad. Sure, he gets to bowl more than I do, but bowling is the only bright spot in his life.

Also - who says 'gutter talk' anymore? I've seen 'gutter mouth' or something along the lines of 'did you pick that up in the street/gutter?' but never in real life.

This is one delicate bowler.

I like the idea of 'gutter talk' filled with 'gutter language'. "You son of a biscuit-eating bulldog!" "What the french toast?!"

Thursday the 25th

Comic -

Josh has already covered this.

And he has a point, why should any Pluggers have fun?

Nothing I've seen indicates fun in any normal sense of the word.

That being said, I heard of the red hat society (but not the poem!) before they appeared on the Simpsons.

The 'mudgeons have already said this, but it bears repeating. A poem about being nonconformist has been mutated into a group of old clones. Sad.

Also, her closet is full of identical clothes! And she doesn't know what to wear?

I like that this is in black and white. It makes it just that more stupid.

And from what I've heard (never seen them myself), Pluggers make perfect Red Hat Society members. They want to be different and unique, but they're not, mostly because of their attempts to be different!

Wednesday the 24th

Comic link -

Gender sender bender alert!

Gender sender bender alert!

And an illogical one at that. Wouldn't it play into the stereotypes to have a guy throw whatever clean sheets are in the house in the general direction of the bed or make it, not caring about looks, only comfort?

I guess only women say 'bed linens' in Pluggerville, and only women make beds.

I didn't make my bed at home unless I was a little restless or going away for more than a day.

Now, I make it every time I wake up because there's a bed. And an uncomfortable wooden chair. Take your pick.

As for matching 'bed linens'... no.

I have a sheet that matches my fitted sheet, but I don't sleep with a sheet unless I'm really overheated. (No matter how overheated I am, I need at least a thin sheet - probably to protect me from monsters. They're not real, so what's the harm in pretending my sheet can shield me?)

I have a brown comforter and a blue one. Both are I don't know how old.

So yes, I mix and match my bed linens.

But I don't say or think of them as 'bed linens'! That should count for something, right?

I've only heard that phrase on a Macy's commercial starring Martha Stewart and some clothes designer guy.

This entry gets the 'cool' label, because mix and match sheets and comforters look cool and feel awesome.

Tuesday the 23rd

Yeah, no excuse.

Here's the comic -


And he's broke!

This could be Brookins's racism shining through - Rhinos are from Africa, RhinoMan's always broke.

Or he can't draw people. Doesn't he also draw Shoe?

I know little about cars, but I do know about car insurance.

From commercials, but still!

That car looks pretty banged up - doesn't your insurance go up after an accident? Especially on Pluggerville insurance?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday the 22nd

I got 2 papers back today.

The first was so not-what-the-prof wanted, there is no grade. I have a second chance. This is the second time my professor's given me a second chance, and I got a 95 on that assignment.

The other paper? 100.

A bit perplexing, but nothing like today's Pluggers! (Writing skills at work!)

A southern Plugger, what a nice stereotype.

I don't know where Clarksville is - I think it's east of Memphis, but everything's east of Memphis.

As for the comic, I don't know much about fashion - as fashionable as jeans can be. I've had the same pair for... I don't know how long.

But I understand this - overalls are very 'relaxed-fit', it's true.

Nothing odd about this plugged up phrase.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday the 21st

What a waste of color and space.

As big a waste as Mallard Fillmore?

Bigger, because somebody else writes about that duck.

Anyway, I'm done until tomorrow!

Some people argue that you shouldn't look at Sunday comics until Sunday proper - it's almost one, but it's still Saturday night. However, I'm not looking forward to this comic.

Wow! This is a massive waste of ink and space, but wow! It fits the definition - a blue collar American, doing an honest day's work, taking his lunch to work with him, lunch his wife/mother makes for him, it's why he got married/hasn't left home.

Or he's so depressed about his dead-end job (So many assembly line parts, day after day) and it's full of beer, not food.

Saturday the 20th

From everyone's a Plugger to Pluggers are old!

Ha ha ha, so funny, each time.

No one asks to see my senior ID.

Though when I was 18, somebody insisted that I couldn't see an R-rated film - even with ID.

Wait, this could mean the opposite of what it seems - Pluggers never age!

Though they're cheap - they want the senior rate.

Life is not kind to Pluggers.

My dog is 10, she doesn't look or act over 5.

That "young man" comment is just mean.

Friday the 19th

Holy hell, how insulting!- I want to see 30 Days of Night -

An entire industry, reduced to local yokels by Brookins.

He is bitter about something - but he's a published author - for real!

I'm a 'published author' and it always pleases my teachers and family friends.

However, the last one I saw in the Commercial Appeal, that I really remember, is too damn funny.

I don't remember all of it, and I never saw the article the writer was talking about, but it was hilarious.

It was a reaction to an article about a billboard winning an award for being pretty.

No billboard can ever be pretty, and anyone who says so is in the pocket of the billboard industry.

No shit.

And I'm positive this guy was from Memphis, not Tipton or Fayette County, where billboards are something of note.

Thursday the 18th

The comic -

Again, no source.

This actually reveals an interesting Plugger view - we can fight the war on terror better by shoring up security at home - which makes sense when it comes to dogs and yards.

We have a sign like that.

It doesn't work if Dixie already knows the person.

I won't even get into a dog as an attack dog in a world where dogs act like humans - is this a bodyguard?

Wednesday the 17th

The day of the French midterm.

Much more important than Pluggers, though not quite as lucrative. (My scholarship money is obscene for such a slacker.)

The comic -

That's not fair.

Yes, I have a water bottle in my little dorm fridge (it is older than me), and yes, my mom has an identical bottle (they started out identical - mine is bare, I throw away the wrapper, hers has purple duct tape for a wrapper - you know which one is which), but we are not pluggers!

And yes, I have sometimes dumped out a newly bought bottle of water and filled it with tap water - sometimes they have odd tastes, not quite right.

The only time I drank only bottled water for more than a quick, "I'm-dying-of-thirst!" moment was in Nebraska last summer.

Their water tasted funny, and I had kidney stones. I needed to stay hydrated.

Which is why I have one now - I just replaced it Tuesday while at home - we have a few frozen still.

Yes, we should get some washable ones, but we're lazy.

One more thing - my thirst led me to try Norwegian water from the World Market last March. It was delicious and we got 2 huge glass tubes and I downed one in less than ten minutes, much to my sister's friend's surprise. Nothing new for my mom.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I must stop for now.

Blogger won't let me upload images right now, there's an error message.


I'll probably pick this up again tomorrow or later tonight if I can't sleep/the game goes into extra innings.

Tuesday the 16th

A joyous day, the last day of fall break and new episodes of NCIS and Law and Order: SVU. I discovered that my roommate likes NCIS, which is very good.

And I continued to ignore Pluggers.

But no more!

Nobody sent this in, it came from the mind that illustrates.

Oh, the pain.

That creature looks really young to have been working since 1937, maybe born in '37 - but not working since then.

And "bluegrass pickin'"?

At first, I thought it meant picking blue grass out of people's yards so they'd have green grass. Winter is not as bleak here as it is farther north, but the grass does turn brown and crinkly. A couple years ago, I saw a front yard that had been painted. Only explanation. It was much funnier than this, of course.

So how does one send a résumé like that to prospective employers?

I also fail to see any connection between the 3 activities listed or why they're listed on a car. There are plenty of jobs out there that can be logically listed on your vehicle - most blue collar and very Pluggerish!

Also, is Bob Brown a former CIA sniper? Would explain the name, mustache, and sunglasses.

Monday the 15th

I was at home that day, and the home computer is so big and slow, I avoided it at all costs - besides, I can use my laptop on the couch, I can't use a PC there.

The comic -

Oh, I did look at this on Tuesday or Wednesday. It hurt my brain.

Pluggers don't even have pennies, because the medication allowing them to continue their horrible existences as some divine punishment costs too much!

What political insight you have, Mister Richard Silvis of Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Or this is yet another "pluggers are old" and was sent in with the knowledge that it would be published.

And yet, this doesn't make a lick of sense.

Yes, a full pillbox rattles - I know this well - but who puts pillboxes or pill bottles or even the little foil/plastic thing in their pockets?

I was a sick little teenager, and I take a few daily meds to keep everything um, alive, and I've never done this! I have a weekly thing, and since I have to take things 3 times a day, there are separate day parts, and I pop out that day's if I'll be gone long enough to need it.

And at school, I stick it in my purse. Before I carried a purse, I stuck it in my mom's! (This summer.)

I know men aren't supposed to carry purses or anything, but I can't imagine carrying your medication in your pocket - maybe an inhaler, but pills? Er...

I truly am sorry.

I just remember looking at Monday's comic and not having the energy to touch it.

Last weekend, I had a paper to write.

This weekend, I should be working on two papers, but nothing is due this week, so I can attack another writing assignment.

This blog.

You don't want to see the mess my regular blog is in.

I still love college - I got a 94 on my French midterm!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th

Trot Nixon's up and they're taking a break in the middle of the top of an inning.

The 11th!

Saturday's comic:

I think all people who work from home should sue the merry hell out of Brookins and the syndicate.

Besides, wouldn't most people use a cell as a work number so this doesn't happen? Or pay for another line?

I know, they're lucky to have a phone, probably a party line, but he's in Dallas! I know it's in the South, but some southern cities have all the technology of non-southern ones.

I honestly don't have a category - stupid? Foxworthy ripoff? What?


Will my horror color my view of Sunday's comic?

You bet.

The game's not over, still need a bottom of the 11th...


Yeah, there are still more games, but damn, how how how why why why why.

So Country Pluggers, in the need to create divisions that were not there for the sake of division (not the math kind), have a sense of what is "country" and what is not - the back 40.

Or, more likely, the 8th of an acre they mow lovingly with their stupid lawn mowers because they're stupid.

I'm sorry about the baseball, but, as I warned my roommate, it will get worse before it ends.

Friday the 12th

Last night, we only needed 11 innings. I went to sleep at the start, missing the tie-breaking run. Yay Rockies! (I'm ambivalent about the Rockies.)

Friday - just more exhaustion.

I ran into this guy between classes and he knew me but I didn't know him. And we have a class together! In my defense, it's a discussion class (the same one with the movies) and I don't shut up and he doesn't speak up. He said I was smart, I should have told him it has more to do with stupidity and arrogance - of course you want to hear what I have to say. Read a sentence, form an opinion, state the opinion. Repeat as necessary. Try to get paid and on TV.

So yesterday's cartoon sucked, I'm sure.

I am mildly sick of plugged phrases, but grateful to be away from just plain old "pluggers are fat/old" comics, so hey.

Pluggers don't work in retail and don't run their own businesses and hold garage sales often enough to send in a topic for a syndicated comic.

Honestly, this just sucks.

Wouldn't a makeshift cash register need a calculator or paper and pencil?


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thursday the 11th

I couldn't wait for the week to be over.

So the movie everybody HAD to see, not so much.

In my class, we were supposed to all have a comment or question about both movies, but we got one and then discussed that and it evolved merrily for the entire hour and 25 minutes. It was nice, what the class is about.

My roommate has a different discussion class, and she said you didn't need to see the second and third parts for her class either.

I also took a nap that day between classes, but only for an hour.

Thursday's trauma:

I hate text messaging.

Hate it, hate it, hate it!

In addition to that, my mom adores it. (And she's not even a doctor.)

However, I hate this abuse of technological language, even though, technically, that note is a text message - it's a message written down.

Though on the fridge? Mom always put ours on the counter - the fridge is for more permanent or not immediate things.

I don't fully understand the message. If the dog needed to go out, wouldn't he know? Ours go absolutely batshit insane (moreso than usual) if they need to go out.

However, there is another thing one "takes out" - frozen food (usually animals) to be defrosted for dinner that night.


Infers what you wills.

Wednesday the 10th

I need sleep, I'm not an animal!

Unlike the Pluggers in Wednesday's panel.

(Nice segue.)

Wednesday... um... that movie I watched Tuesday? We were required to watch the other 2 hours, with a screening provided Wednesday evening with FREE FOOD, but I was too tired. And it's online! For free!

For some reason, the thought of animals wearing blue jeans (please god no) makes me think of a scene from It. Richie's down in the basement of the school, and Pennywise (Tim Curry and the kids are the only good things in that movie, I did not mind at all when it got all skippy at the end) is there as the teenage werewolf. That description, of a furry body in blue jeans is still with me.

Again, I'd love to have Pennywise stalking Pluggers.

As for the caption... She's discussion blue jeans, so therefor, it really is "jeanealogy". I have no idea what she's saying, I think it means he's fat? but do not make jokes about Plugger genes or family trees because I can't resist the incest jokes!

Oh man, I have family in Nebraska!


Tuesday the 9th...

New NCIS and Law and Order SVU. Both good.

Test in my 8am class, movie in my 11:20 one (a movie that is free to watch online!).

I stumbled out at 7:30 (the school paper starts its week on Tuesday, had to read it before class) and stumbled back by 8:30 and slept until 10:30.

That's when the exhaustion light bulbs went off.

So that's why I ignored Tuesday's comic.

1 - That Rhino has no money. Why is he at a bank that does not handle blood? I cannot donate blood because my blood is so awesome, the government wants it (the awesomeness) contained in one body, er, I lived in Europe in the '90s, leave me alone, I would if I could!

2 - The 3rd plugger has his paycheck in his hand - you know they don't believe in direct deposit.

3 - You wait IN a line, you do not wait ON a line! Unless you are sitting on top of the people in a line, or standing on a line painted on the floor. The first would look so cool.

EXTRA INNINGS! Will the baseball gods ever let me sleep?

My favorite 10th inning score? 0-0.

Monday the 8th

I've had an exhausting week.

For whatever reason.

I did not get up until one this afternoon (didn't fall asleep until after 1 am, but still) and I am going to sleep after the game/my laundry.

So let's get started with the 8th - I met with my adviser that day (my French professor, isn't that nice?) and made it through 3 classes. More than the stars of the strip, and I know this without even looking. I have to look, don't I?


These creatures cannot walk and talk at the same time. Case closed!

This man has to be old enough to be my grandfather. "Honey-Do" list?

I don't have much else to add, besides that this really fits the bill of plugging a phrase - there's no way in hell this ...thing... will be doing more than one thing at a time when it comes to his Honey-Do chores.

Though I should be charitable and credit him with carrying a mug and piece of paper at the same time. Mensa will be calling any day now.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday the 7th

The Cubs are out.

Certain people were distraught.

But the Sox'll win today, so hey, I can handle these Pluggers.

Okay, so I can't.

I don't know much about trees - I don't know if it would be that big after just 3 generations...

As for ancient, yeah, if it's that big and he's still alive...

And dogs don't live that long - a grandfather would be 3, maybe 2, he's not the one who's actually pregnant.

Now the drawing...

That kid is five feet in the air! He had to be placed in the tire!

That's not right.

Though little is right about their world.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Oh, RhinoMan, will you ever win?

We've seen today's comic before.

And I've seen the name before, not that I have that organized.

"Bellybutton changing from innie... to outie!"

Pluggers love to eat. That's a given - they live damn depressing lives, they need all the comfort they can get. And food works well, especially when you just pawned your tight pants to pay for this meal and the pants needed to hide food so you can eat for a few nights.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Go ahead and hate your neighbor...

Especially if they're a Plugger!

I'm glad Pluggers are men today - it makes my week end nicely. (That and Law and Order reruns all afternoon and then a new Las Vegas!)

Let's tackle the caption first - does anybody really throw away disposable razors after one use? I toss them when they stop working - a couple of weeks, maybe.

But you don't hold onto them as long as we assume the Plugger has - they get dull, and all they're good for is cutting your skin but not the hair.

As for the drawing - no more shaving Pluggers, please!

No more Pluggers worried about hair!

It's just creepy.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lord I'm one, lord I'm two, lord I'm three, lord I'm four,

Lord I'm five hundred miles from my home...

Just who believes in the rules? The big Plugger or the little one? The little one doesn't know what 'iron-clad' means, and I doubt most of the big ones do.

Who says 'Iron-Clad Rule'? I've never seen that.

Back to Peter, Paul and Mary.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I seriously love college.

I just do.

I don't love Pluggers, though.

But here I am!

Today's nonsense -

No "You know..."? Sad.

Pluggers don't lock their doors. Pass it on.

Not much more to say, really.

And I wasn't aware there were many of those key chain cards out there - I know Kroger, and I think I have a Waldenbooks/Borders one somewhere (not on my key chain), but whatever.

Key chains... meh.

No, what's awesome is in middle school, when all you really have is a house key, and about 10 different key chains on one big ring.

But Pluggers don't go to middle school.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Yesterday and Today

Couldn't even stick to the plan for one day!

The first
- Coffee machines make a 'perk' noise?

I like the smell of some coffee - I remember as a kid on the base, my sister and I would race to the coffee thing where you could collect the beans and bag them. It smelled so good.

And fresh baked bread... mmm...

Bacon, though? Ugh.

The second -
Okay, I've been in 2 houses in the last couple of years without disposals in the sink and we threw away the the big food.

I've never heard of flushing uneaten food - surely it's not good for the pipes?

This is just icky.


The 30th -

Pluggers are never sober.


The 29th -

Sex or the thought of sex gives Pluggers killer headaches.

Or, ewwwwwwwwwww, he hurt himself during sex...


Friday the 28th

I had a doctor appointment that day - no poking, no prodding!

And then a new Las Vegas!

You can understand how I would ignore this "gem," of course.

So much hate.

He's a bear, she's not. Just maul her already.

I get the feeling that Andy hasn't had a job in a long time, and his mother-in-law's presence can't be helping.

Now I have to wonder, why was this sent in by a woman? Is she the wife? The mother-in-law? Who?

How was it initially written?

Thursday the 27th of September

One comic per post.

At least for today.

The comic:

Oh, wow, kids get old just like their parents!

Stop the presses!

And how does that make you a plugger? It makes you a parent of a child who needs reading glasses.

Though I guess reading glasses are easier and cheaper than laser surgery. Perhaps that's what they meant?


She should get her own reading glasses. I need glasses to read, too, and I can't imagine using my mom's glasses! (She needs hers to read as well.)

Of course, we need ours to see people clearly, not as blurs, so...


The comic is reproduced here for purposes of review only, and all rights remain with the creator, Gary Brookins.