Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Desert lovin' in your eyes all the way...

If I listened to your lies would you say...

That today's Pluggers is one of the most disturbing ones ever - all by itself?

Yes, of course.

There's not much more to say, is there?

I hope Jim Driver made this up, because this is sick.

I'm not a cat expert or a cat person, but I think it's not good for kids to play in the litter box. Just a hunch.

I know pregnant women aren't supposed to handle cat poop, but that's about it.

The parents of this Plugger need to be hauled into ACS for being too damn lazy to either train the cat to go in a f!cking litter box or too damn crazy not to care.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I know not everybody has got a body like you...


George Micheal's ass - what more do you need? The awesome song, sure.

But it can't help today's Pluggers look good - great pop music, sadly, can only do so much to help a terribly depressing comic look decent - even one with possible incestuous or cannibalistic overtones. (Or is it undertones?)

So, let's take a look at today's comic.

Better than CostCo samples, lady.

"Well I guess it would be nice..."

See ya later!

Monday, September 24, 2007

The 'American Idol' episode of Psych is on.

I made myself get up five minutes before, oh so disorienting.

But this is worth it.

Naturally, this is funnier than today's Pluggers. (I haven't seen it yet.)

I'm rereading It right now, and Eddie drinks prune juice and gin in the library.

I like the idea of Pennywise stalking Pluggers and living in the sewers of Pluggerville.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's still the weekend...

And I had to fix an essay!

And read!

Saturday's suffering -




Why does he need to know where the garden hose is?

How is that relevant?

He just looks so perplexed - I bet the hose is green.

Today's waste of pixels -

Pluggers embrace their reality as proles, and turn up their nose at anything they perceive as 'elite'.

I make no promises about tomorrow - there's this interesting thing that I can write about for two classes - one memo-like, and one a 2 page essay. And it sounds interesting to me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

More creepiness.

Told you I'd talk about today's comic today!

Josh's take on this is only about the drawing, not the caption.

And it's a good one about how Pluggers are broke.

The caption is bizarre, because I don't count the postcards from the vet as the most important mail ever, but I'm not a Plugger. (Just got my MAD Classics - it was sent to my house, then mom mailed it to my university address! So cool.)

This illustrates how cheap and stupid Pluggers are. It costs too much to insure your pet (or kid, who knows, maybe they put collars on some kids there, the smart ones, judging by the look of horror on the smaller one's face), so you don't. And then you bitch about the cost of a shot. So you don't get one. And then the illness comes and you go into deep debt paying for the recovery.


Also, I love the concept of pet insurance, and I know I'll get it for mine when I'm older.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

These really suck.

And Josh already commented on three of them!

But I'm done with my homework (including a paper that has been weighing on me but is done, done, done, DONE! The rough draft, at least, but any suggestions will just be a second coat of paint, nothing too hard.) for the weekend - despite two classes tomorrow.

Can I just say I love college?

That's why this comic is such a joy to analyze.

Monday's mediocrity - Who doesn't? They give those things away all the time, at least to my recollection. I have a red pen that is sponsored by some drug or other, and I discovered during once class while taking it apart (I've broken a couple that way) that the white casing with the drug name could be removed and do no harm to the pen and ink, just the look.

It's been a while since I've had a drug notepad, but I know we did. My dad and his wife have so many, because they're old or because they're cops, I don't know, I don't care. These things are ads, and they are so damn prevalent, but hey, no need to buy a pen.

Tuesday's torture

He looks so sad. That's not fair.

He knows his weight is keeping him from middle management, and that hurts.

It says "middle management" because he has a lot of weight at the middle of his body, but it would make a bigger difference if he was a leaner animal with a potbelly. A better visual, I think.

Though a depressed, fat Rhino is what Pluggers is all about!

Wednesday's wailing -
I love her response. She is so not happy with the bag. Or the gift-giver's hat. Let me just say that I've only done this for small, spontaneous gifts, and those are rarely from Wally-World.

Besides, save the bag - they make great trash bags for small cans, for delivering the scooped poop to the trashcan as neatly as possible, and keep wet or dirty clothes from getting your bag or clean clothes dirty - the camping accessory no one talks about.

Why is she wearing an apron on a gift-giving occasion? Sexist, Mister Brookins!

And today's bilge -
People who were adults in 1941 could not possibly have the same amount of hair now that they did then! So yeah, if you have the same wig, it's not changing.

Or what, a classically trained stylist?

I don't get the '41 date, that's just weird, because I've seen pictures of women in the late '30s and early '40s, and I don't recall seeing enough like that so it screams "1941!!!" That looks almost like real hair, but not quite. Of course, that doesn't look like a real creature, so...

My next assignment - mock the upcoming weekend's waste daily.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I finished most of my homework.

Now for something I'm not being graded on, something my scholarships don't ride on...

something I could ignore until I graduated if I had my way...

Oh well. It's bugging me, especially when I look back at my April entries, full of cannibalism and hope! (Never mind I wasn't doing any damn thing else at the time.)


No names, hmm? Since this stars the best Plugger ever, the perpetually broke, always portly RhinoMan! who is depressed all the time, one can only assume that that is his suicide note. When was the last time you saw a worker eating lunch like that? The '30s, that's when. When the market crashed and people also committed suicide. (I know that was in 1929 - shut up!) Well played, Rhino, well played.

Alternate explanation 1 - There are no names, there is no wife (if there ever was one), and this note is older than I am and the only thing keeping him from leaping to his death and sadly crushing the man with the cure for cancer and Pluggers.

Alternate explanation 2 - As we all know, September 11th is an important day. My cousin's birthday! (Creepy fact - he turned 11 in 2001.) Apparently some records were released as well? Anyways, that was a horrible day for the entire world, not just Pluggers. And this Rhino doesn't live in Pluggerville, but in New York (high rise construction) and we just have a sweet message of love in case we die tomorrow.

I'm not gagging, I've got to stop listening to these two songs. And this one.



Pluggers are old. So you learn the same shit at college that you did away! Amazing.

Or there are vampires in Pluggerville!

Or, better yet, there aren't and these idiots think, nay, know there are! That would make for a much better comic strip, especially when they put a stake through a kid's body (murder, folks, get your minds out of the gutter) and discover the horrible fangs are fake.


Ha, ha, Plugger are proles! Their life sucks no matter who's in charge!

And who doesn't do this? We did, but we'd never call it an 'uprising'. That's just wronger than any other Plugger wrong before.

Only one comic ever approached the subject of zucchini in a good way - Foxtrot.

I like that it was sent in by a guy, and the guy in the panel is the one running from the excess zukes.

Getting the paper is a chore now? It is for my sister, yes, but dammit, if it comes to your house, it's not a chore! Walking a mile in the snow for a terrible paper not worth 50 cents, now that is a chore. And I did it, many times when we didn't have a subscription. I'd have killed for that chore!

I swear we've seen that name before.

And that kid could have been born in a year starting with 2, which is just so damn awesome, I can't properly explain it!

This really makes the whole animal thing really odd - old dogs don't lose their hair like old people, unless they have mange, which strikes at all ages (I think). Though Mikey scratched himself a baldspot on what would be his shoulder.

I can't believe I did the previous post on a Monday! Didn't I have homework or something?

*I actually did last Thursday to go to a meeting of campus atheists, humanists, and agnostics. Fun, actually.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Time to catch up.

August 28th - What makes this awesome - the look on the driver's face. "Why didn't I just use MapQuest?"

August 29th
- This would be awesome if the fridge needed cleaning out because all the food was bad. Actually, I'm sure it is. Who cleans out a fridge by removing all the food - good or bad? Isn't the point of refrigeration so we can have safe leftovers?

August 30th - 1 - Did vehicles ever have record players? (I know, cars can have speaker systems worth more than the car itself, but I've only heard of woofers in old, old MADs.)

2 - Those dogs are stupider than their owner. They know enough to not jump out when it's moving, but not enough to lay down where they'll be safe.

August 31st -
But pluggers are old! Old people golf! Therefore, Pluggers golf!

Though one can still golf and never get a hole in one...

And who calls the hole in a donut a "hole in one"?

September 1st
I don't get this one.

I know what I'm supposed to get - Pluggers are fat, ha ha.

But I don't understand what the hell is the significance of feeling belt loops?

September 2nd
Pluggers are smarter than we thought - they remember something learned in school - like the word inertia!

September 3rd -

Pluggers may be emotionally or electrically unstable, but boy howdy, are they muddy!

And mud is awesome.

September 4th -

Only guys are dumb enough to shave and put alcohol on the naked skin right away. Ha!

Also - a dog? Bad, bad, bad animal choice! I don't even want to think about how this could be possible. (It can't be.)

September 5th -
I will continue to like that song. However, I have to wonder. Pluggers are middle America, blue collar folk. Sure, they're broke, but aren't they more mechanically inclined than non-Pluggers?

September 6th -
Hey - Pluggers are fat! Though it's not right to use a rhino to illustrate this one - have you ever seen a skinny rhino?

September 7th -
I don't know what to say about this. Pluggers are animals, right? And in this one, they're dogs! And what about the fact that most 'favorite movie stars' are favorites because of looks (Johnny Depp, anyone?)?


This is worse than cannibalism, somehow.

September 8th -
Just on the walls of his room!

September 9th -
I thought you saved money when you stopped smoking - money that could be spent fixing your truck, perhaps.

September 10th

Reed Hoover is an awesome name, but it's also familiar - have we seen Reed before?

I really like the forever stamps concept, but I thought investments made you money when you sold them - and you can't (can you?) sell stamps.

College is going great, by the way.

I'll try not to let 2 weeks pass by next time.

But I make no promises.


The comic is reproduced here for purposes of review only, and all rights remain with the creator, Gary Brookins.