Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday November 29th

The comic:

Finally, a grandchild that is not smaller than the family dog.

I don't like the smug look on the grandfather's face. It's creeping me out.

And you don't have to be a Plugger to have lived through things on the History Channel, yes, there is stuff on Hitler and WW2, but also the 60s, and this summer, there was a show taking place, like, now.

Whatever, Pluggers are old.

Friday November 28th

The comic:

Brookins, you are no Seuss. Why did you try to recreate the Cat in the Hat?

As for the caption, I guess they don't use it wisely enough to realize that that extended metaphor is almost as painful as the attempted Seuss.

This isn't too objectionable, though, because it says "try". As in, they're not perfect. Finally!

Thursday November 27th

The comic:

And non-Pluggers are ungrateful assholes. We've been over this.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Not that I post at consistent times normally, but I don't know what internet access will be like between now and Sunday night.

I've been told they have internet access in the lobby area, but these are cabins, and since it's a "family" holiday, while I'm not expected to spend 24/7 with my cousins (and not my favorites), it might be bad form to set up camp in the only place with Wi-Fi.

In Arkansas?

Sure, why not attack an entire state?

Have a great Thanksgiving, all five of you readers with names and the unknown anonymous quantity.

Wednesday November 26th

The comic:

Okay, so we read this short story in English this semester kinda about the same thing - using "heirlooms" vs. basically putting them in the museum.

I don't remember the title, I think Alice Walker wrote it ("heirloom" quilts play a big part), and I remember crying a lot, like a lot a lot. Like for an hour after class. The memory of crying is making me cry.

So Pluggers can get fucked. You're no better than me because you think you're more connected to your past than I am and that makes you a better person. Okay, maybe that's also coming from another book for school, Confederates in the Attic, and all the people in there that are like, yeah, having Confederate ancestors is the BEST!!!! Living in the same house my family's lived in since before the Civil War makes me a better person! Only leaving the town once or twice in my life does too.

Arrogant fuckers.

Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I'm sure the arrogance will be thicker than the cholesterol, if they don't ignore it completely.

I have a French test tomorrow, today, in 10 hours and about 3 minutes. I'm studying by listening to the French version of Colors of the Wind, before erasing that by falling asleep to some Bolly, Kolly, and Tollywood.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday November 25th

The comic:

They're only perfect because you're not their guardian! They get cranky, back they go to mom.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday November 24th

The comic:

I feel like shit, and I was going to do this at the more reasonable hour of midnight, but I felt even shittier. I decided all this insomnia should be good for something, so maybe I can at least check this off. Instead of the homework. And the Colbert Christmas special made me laugh, true, but too many songs for my taste and not enough shirtless Colbert.

Ok, I wrote that before I looked at the caption.

THE FUCKING FUCK IS THAT ABOUT? I mean, I "get it", I think. Doing grandmotherly things and/or getting things from grandmothers are rewards and that leads to awards, so hey, the Grammy... hmm...

Except this isn't right. The award should be given for an achievement, not just for being her favorite grandson. A test with a gold star, whatever.

Come on, do I have to do your job for you?

I realize the profanity is a bit much, but this is so meh and so botched and I feel so rotten and there are these bugs all over the room all weekend long driving me mad and argh.

Six more days of school left, and I have exams in only four of my classes. (3 day week this week, 3 day week next week.)

I can do this.

I can do this.

Do not bring up January, we are focusing on the next 2 weeks people!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday November 22nd

The comic:

I hate fishing.

Not because it's gross, but because it's boring.

Unless you're deep sea fishing, in which case there's usually a boat involved.

And okay, I like it when others fish because we always go to some nice park or even camping and that can be fun. And this turtle stole fish off a stringer. It was so awesome, even the rain couldn't make me stop watching.

But anyways. Even I, the girl who elects to take walks and read instead of fish, knows there is more to fishing than "a cane pole [and] a can of worms" and that there is a great difference between that and whatever expensive stereotype non-Plugger fisherposers use. Hot dogs and chicken livers are better at times. Also, my 4 year old cousin named the bait.

And I've never known anyone who used a cane pole. Of course, I can't even throw the damn thing the right way.

As for the grandson, of course it's the grandson. Women hate fishing! Don't know why, it's not like they're indoctrinated from a young age or anything along those lines.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday November 21st

The comic:

You're a Plugger if you can't be bothered to use "a classic" for more than one day in a row, especially after explicitly promising us classics!

What the fudge monkeys is "cookie drool"?


And are the grandparents going through a divorce? What the hell is going on here?

The quote by itself is creepy - Pluggers are pedophiles, because only children eat cookies in Pluggerville. Or drool.

Wait. Couldn't he have been visiting his grandfather?

...they drool too.

I do love my grandparents, really!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thursday November 20th

The comic:

And we lost the classic designation again, if only because this has been updated from the VCR to a cell phone.

For her to show him anything, she'd need to climb a ladder. These proportions are getting to me and I can't even write clearly, so you know it's not good.

As for stereotype smashing - I do not have internet on my cell phone, but my evil sister does, and this summer we were shopping and she was checking her facebook! Monday, this girl in my English class determined a guy's race with her new iPhone, which then got passed around the classroom (tinier than I expected!).

I know why Pluggers can't use cell phones - remember when Homer decided to become morbidly obese so he could be disabled and work from home? And he caused a disaster and couldn't call anyone and the recording told him his fingers were too fat? Same principle. I think.

Wednesday November 19th

The comic:

And back to the classic tag.

That little Plugger is creepy - is he looking at me? And if he's that small, he can't talk like that.

You know, that really does look like a Plugger face-lift, since you know their plastic surgeon would be unqualified at best and a homicidal maniac at worst, and that is not a smile but rigor mortis setting in.

Or he can't move his face muscles.

Creepy all around.

Glad I don't see my grandparents, glad I'm not small enough to sit on their laps anymore.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday November 18th

The comic:

Oh, so we're no longer calling this a classic, but I'm pretty damned sure we've seen this before.

The working woman married into a family of Pluggers, but she will never be fully assimilated because she keeps going to work! Just because she makes more, and her family can live a much more comfortable life on her salary alone! Dames!

But if you were a stay-at-mom, you wouldn't need a stay-at-home-grandma because you'd be at home. Though some grandparents stay at home and don't watch the grandkids. Because they live in New Mexico and the grandkids don't. And some grandparents don't even stay at home! Even some grandmas! I know, the apocalypse is coming soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday November 17th

The comic:

If you don't have grandkids, your life is meaningless.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday November 15th

The comic:

What security? The car is secure against the weather? Your companion will protect you from losing your job because you got laid up with the flu for two weeks?

Pluggers are morons.

If I'd done this at the normal time, soon after midnight, it would have been right after finishing a movie called Salaam Bombay! Beautiful movie, depressing movie. Pluggers can get stuffed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday November 14th

The comic:

He has a folder! And coupons! Good for RhinoMan! He's doing so well I can't be mean.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thursday November 13th

The comic:

Pluggers can't take care of their cars.

And they're proud of it.

Wednesday November 12th

The comic:

"Have a great day" counts as motivational speaking in Pluggerville?

"Stay away from sweets?" If you got that from your dietary consultant, you'd want a refund.

And who has an activities director besides captive audiences? You know, people on cruise ships or at camp.

And it takes a financial guru to remind somebody else to deposit their own paycheck.

So why is she half-lidded? Wrong expression! The cleanest interpretation is "I'm going back to bed," but she's already in her spiffy little turtleneck. No, no, I won't go to the real reason he's motivated. No no no no no.

And where are his eyes?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday November 11th

The comic:


Of all comics, I damn near demand some cheesy Veterans Day thing from these guys.

I think last time this ran, they used the words Good Housekeeping. Interesting. And by "Interesting" I mean "boring".

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday November 10th

The comic:

I think this is a classic we've seen before, but don't expect me to look it up now.

Expect me to look it up in 20 minutes when I still haven't started my paper.

I can only see the bottom of the image, and damn her feet are weird. Like really weird. Has there ever been a barefoot Plugger? And shouldn't she be in heels?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday November 8th

The comic:

Is he preparing the corpse for viewing? Okay, I haven't had a haircut in a long time, though my mom just said I needed one this week. Again. She (and Beck) kept that refrain up all damn summer. At one point, it would be my birthday "present". But here it is November and still no haircut.

As for making appointments, shit, if I can't remember the last time I had a haircut, do you think I remember something as stupid as whether we had an appointment? No, wait, I know I got it done in February or March of 2006, and I don't think we had an appointment. It was most likely post-doctor appointment nonsense and I looked FABULOUS.

See, I would be visiting my uncle soon for Spring Break and needed a fancy dress for the ****opera**** and I came home in new shoes, my new dress, with a new haircut and probably highlights. And barbecue from the best damn barbecue place ever. So that was over 2 and a half years ago... hrm...

I'm a chick, I should know these things. Pluggers makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong, so I must be doing something right.

Oh, I just finished watching Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Fuck! I must have that movie, even though Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts are almost annoying, well, Sam Rockwell is the man. So if this had been about tv, like all the others, then I could have had fun. But no. Fucking hair. They're animals! And/or balding!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday November 7th

The comic:

Chuck them at him! Do it!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday November 6th

The comic:

That cat is pissed. I've heard they'll eat their dead owners - will this one start nibbling on his hands while he's just sleeping, apparently in the cat's favorite chair?

Or is the cat jealous because he suffers from insomnia?

I'm not a cat person, so I don't know.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday November 5th

The comic:

I don't know much about finance, but I do know that keeping all your money in your house, in a piggy bank, is incredibly stupid.

There are better ways to hide it.

Also, I seem to recall learning about something called the FDIC which kind of protected your money in a bank up to 100K. Was that dismantled last month, just to sucker punch the average bank customer? Somehow, I doubt it, but I don't have time to care.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday November 4th

The comic:

I voted early.

I've never seen a sticker like that, or is that a patch?

Yes very patriotic blah blah blah we all should vote but early voting is the best because even though the wait was long, well, it wasn't a long wait today.

I'm tired.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday November 3rd

The comic:

The proportions... they burn!

I don't have much else to say, after all, I don't have an autograph collection, and I don't want one. I never had a Plugger one, and neither did my sister. We didn't have cliche-filled childhoods. Of course Pluggers did.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday November 1st

The comic:

Holy fuck he's going to kill himself and since he can't leave a good looking corpse, his possessions will have to do.

Also, way to be up to date on that there pop culture Charles Pille!


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