Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday November 22nd

The comic:

I hate fishing.

Not because it's gross, but because it's boring.

Unless you're deep sea fishing, in which case there's usually a boat involved.

And okay, I like it when others fish because we always go to some nice park or even camping and that can be fun. And this turtle stole fish off a stringer. It was so awesome, even the rain couldn't make me stop watching.

But anyways. Even I, the girl who elects to take walks and read instead of fish, knows there is more to fishing than "a cane pole [and] a can of worms" and that there is a great difference between that and whatever expensive stereotype non-Plugger fisherposers use. Hot dogs and chicken livers are better at times. Also, my 4 year old cousin named the bait.

And I've never known anyone who used a cane pole. Of course, I can't even throw the damn thing the right way.

As for the grandson, of course it's the grandson. Women hate fishing! Don't know why, it's not like they're indoctrinated from a young age or anything along those lines.


Array said...

I'm female, and I love fishing. Except that I can't put worms on the hook myself, because it makes me sad. D:

But then, I'm not a Plugger--I have the gall to think that having a fishing pole with a reel is preferable to looking like I fell out of Huck Finn.

Weatherwax said...

Pluggers like to purposefully inconvenience themselves so they appear folksy and not "uppity".


Pluggers are idiots who should be pitied.

Why would you bother using a cane pole? How could you actually reel in a fish? Just keep backing away from the water until you drag the dying fish onto shore? Where do you even get cane poles now a days anyway? You can get reel poles for like $15 at Wal-Mart so you probably have to buy cane poles at a specialty store.

Update: Pluggers are elitist.


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