Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tuesday the 25th

The comic:

They do more at spas than soak your feet!

I've never been to one, and even I know that.

But she's being "pampered" and you're "pampered" at a spa.

I'm going to go nuke me a Blogger spa - microwave popcorn.

Monday the 24th

The comic:

It's so "classic" it's on this blog.


What makes it a classic? It's not very good or unique. (Pluggers eat! Male Pluggers refuse to clean without prompting! Yuk yuk yuk!)

No ideas? I don't believe that.

I hope he gets food poisoning. (Not because he's taking his time cleaning the fridge, but that he's eating with the door open, not cleaning. I assume cleaning involves a cleaning liquid and scrubbing, not just testing for freshness.)

Sunday the 23rd

The comic:

Pluggers don't get sick? Or they can only go from having a normal 98.6 degrees temperature to 104 with no inbetween?

I had a fever in January. Besides the barfing, I didn't feel like I feel when I'm anxious about school. For one thing, fevers are exhausting, and being worried about a paper due the next day gets you keyed up. (Too keyed up to be logical for more than a page.)

I think "communicable disease" would have been a better choice - he caught it from the teacher, and now he'll give it to his parents.

And of course Pluggers have bad report cards.

That's not to say that a bad report card makes you a Plugger, just that being a Plugger involves failure.

And what kid with a bad grade cares how his parents will *feel*? More about what they'll do or won't do. I, personally, worry about my GPA and losing my scholarship. Much scarier than a grounding or, because you know Pluggers do it, a spanking.

In 4th grade, I cried when I got my first F. In class. My parents never punished me for bad grades, but my dad had a "you're perfect or you're nothing!" attitude that I recognized at an early age. And I can't escape it, which explains the crying jags this semester as writer's block and illness collide.

ETA: Oh damn, "low-grade" fever and he's got low grades. ::groan::

Saturday the 22nd

The comic:

But they don't know! They're morons!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday the 21st

The comic:

This comic only works if we assume a number of things:

1 - Pluggers know what Rorschach tests/blots are for, possibly remembered from some movie.

2 - They think that is all there is to modern-day psychiatry, right after the electroshock.*

3 - That Pluggers never spend time gazing at the clouds.

4 - That Pluggers do this enough to care, or in a better light, their old "baby" is not in the best of shape. Instead of getting frustrated, they just laugh and say, "I see boobies. What do you see?"

5 - That one of those black splotches resembles a human female.

6 - That Pluggers listen to human singers. That can't be healthy.

7 - That this list is a good idea.

*8 - That I know what I'm talking about. I have been to couple of therapy sessions with psychiatrist/psychologist type people and there were no inkblots to be found. Lots of toys at both, though!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday the 20th

The comic:

We've already redefined spring cleaning for Pluggers. Will this be a yearly occurrence?

His only concern is his tackle box. If he lives alone, okay, he lives in a dirty shack. If he's married, he expects his wife to do the rest of the spring cleaning.

Not that I've ever quite understood "spring cleaning". If you're cooped up because of the bad weather, wouldn't you be more likely to keep everything clean? Sure, you can open the doors and windows in spring, but cleaning can be done year round, right?

Back to the comic - how messy can a tackle box get when it's not being used? And wouldn't it be easier to clean it up when you're done with it, so as soon as the ice melts, you're fishing?

Okay, the Plugger's from Ohio. They may have real winters.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday the 19th

The comic:


I am doing this before going to class, I am taking time out of my morning. (Not busy, but still!)

And a classic Pluggers?

A recent one?

One I've already done?

One I can't find right now because I'm stupid?


This song will save me.

ETA: I found the first appearance. It's from October of last year. Hardly a classic.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday the 18th

The comic:

The only way that kid would know that candy used to cost a penny is if his Plugger grandfather never shuts up about the good old days.

Also, Pluggers are slow to adjust to change.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday the 17th

The comic:

I know that mattresses are not cheap, nor are they easy to replace without help. (And she doesn't look like she has help.)

But still, it's not good to keep a mattress that long. Not only is it not ideal for your back, there are germs or something.

I think.

I sleep on a thin dorm mattress on a metal frame with springs.

Last fall, I think in October, I bought a foam pad at Target for about $20. It is so comfortable, and I am going to get another one over the summer. (And maybe just stack them up - ah!)

I don't really have an opinion about today's comic, it's very blah after yesterday's hate fest.

This just reinforces Plugger characteristics - they're cheap, they're lazy, and they know better than the rest of us. *yawn* At least this only affects her.

Sunday the 16th

The comic:

Non-Plugger dogs do, in fact, get full.

We have referred to our dogs as vacuum cleaners, but they're not the default ones. If they're in, and some nonpoisonous food has fallen, we do call them. (I tried to get Dixie to clean some ketchup off the floor, and she started rolling on it. Eau de catsup!)

But this drawing is disturbing.

For one, that Plugger has Chips and donuts.

He's also holding the chips in such a way that this was not an accidental spill, and it's an easy one to stop after a couple of fallen chips.

Chips aren't good for dogs.

It's one thing to have the dogs picking up fallen food and calling them a vacuum. It's another to say they don't get full.

The caption - and the slop illustrating it - make me think he doesn't have a real vacuum and expects his dog to eat everything, including his own shedded hair. (Wickett does this.)

Dogs should volunteer to vacuum, they should never be forced. (I didn't force Dixie, I showed her the ketchup and let her do what she wanted.) If they don't do it, you do it!

Also, the word balloons scare me. He sounds stoned or stupid or already drunk.

I don't like this one at all.

Saturday the 15th

The comic:

Chinese places in Pluggerville don't deliver?

I know, I know, he could have been at work or something and is picking this up on the way home.

But still.

Anyways, the food wouldn't be on the counter when he walked in, unless he's just repeating this line in an attempt to pick her up for a threesome involving rice and soy sauce.

Maybe that's how he met his wife.

Friday the 14th

The comic:

Oh, gas prices are high! How topical and hilarious. (That was based on seeing the gas prices at the top of the panel.)

Okay, so non-Pluggers overpay for gas while focusing on historic sites.

While getting gas, can't the kids go look at the historical marker?

They're not opposites - you can do both.

Or have an idea of where the main historic sites are, and look for cheap gas on the way.

So Pluggers just drive to look for gas.


Thursday the 13th

The comic:

First impression, before reading the caption - I really like how the youthful, slender Plugger looks. (Unless she's not a Plugger - she looks pretty superior as well.)

Oh, so she is the Plugger. Why does she look so secure?

And non-Pluggers don't wear stethoscopes with their formal outfits.

Non-Pluggers are nurses, I promise, but the difference is in the naming. Also, non-Plugger nurses wear accessories with things besides their scrubs.

But wait - she's wearing earrings - those are accessories as well. Perhaps they're those monitor things that nurses stick on your chest when doing an EKG.

Wednesday the 12th

The comic:

Yes, Josh covered this. On the 12th. Whatever.

It seems odd that Pluggers don't hunt, but I guess I'm grateful that they don't. How disturbing a sight would that be? The meat at the counter is just meat, you don't see it as an animal, thank God!

Unless that Plugger is packing heat right now and is distracting the clerk with his order before killing and grilling him.

Now that I'm looking at the order, good god, that's a lot of meat. You could never catch all that in the wild. (And a farmer would shoot you for shooting his turkey or pig!)

So non-Pluggers hunt? And eat what they shoot?

Erm, no.

Non-Pluggers don't call a store (deli, butcher's, meat section of Kroger) "hunting grounds."

Much better.

Tuesday the 11th

The comic:


He looks like he's getting enough food, however, he needs some clothes that fit.

It hurts to wear too tight clothes. RhinoMan doesn't need to punish himself like that, though the other Pluggers do.

RhinoMan, they're called sweatpants!

Monday the 10th

The comic:

Pluggers are old.

I know some Pluggers, as they're defined today. Everyone does!

One in particular, I am more than happy to call a Plugger. But the cool old teachers? That's not fair.

You know, non-Pluggers age and have long careers in education too.

I'm surprised this happens. I know Pluggers are old, but aren't they also old-fashioned? Women shouldn't teach after they get married. Oh man, Pluggers are spinsters! (No, unmarried women aren't spinsters, but unmarried Pluggers over the age of 18? Oh yeah.)

Sunday the 9th

The comic:

Why does it matter? I doubt it runs.

Of course Pluggers don't care about the dripping oil beyond how much oil is not in the engine.

Where the oil is coming from? Not important. (I think it is, and I know jackshit about cars.)

The potential environmental dangers of leaking oil? Ha, do they look like the environment matters to them?

I don't know what else to say. What does this say about Pluggers? They don't care about their cars? Or they can't afford to fix them? They're too lazy? They don't know and they don't want to know and don't you dare try to tell them?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Saturday the 8th

The comic:

And non-Pluggers don't realize this? So Pluggers are now the smart ones.

The image doesn't match, though. Both look horrified, neither remember these words of wisdom from King of the Hill - "It will grow back."

I wonder if the customer or barber sent this in. The barber would because, hey, it's not his hair!

And this only applies to people with short hair, who have to get it trimmed every two weeks. The rest of us? Trimming my split ends is a bad haircut to me!

Let me look at the caption again. Something about it is bugging me.

If the haircut is awful, in two weeks it will return to normal.

If it's good, the same thing.

So a good haircut and a bad haircut have identical consequences? The two weeks don't make a difference - they return you to your pre-haircut state.


Poll results are in!

The official Pluggers site has a small archive. In my older posts, the links go nowhere. Should I change the links to the Houston Chronicle so they do?

18 people voted.

9 voted for me to go back and change my links and/or use the Chron.

9 voted no, because I put the pictures up with the link, so even if the link dies, the picture's still there.

I'm not going to run the poll again to get a majority vote.

I'm also not going to change the links in my old posts. And I may or may not use the Chron from now on. No one cares, especially me.

Thursday the 6th

I can't believe I skipped this one! Whoops.

The comic:

1 - I am glad it's not the chicken lady today. Pluggers will never be people, so I can't complain about some unknown animal dying only the fur on the top of her head.

2 - Of course Pluggers dye their hair at home. My sister has done hers at home, but she's no Plugger - too young, and she never calls it a "cover up." (She did blue last year for March Madness.)

3 - "Attempts" a cover up? She just admitted that it doesn't work! The gray either shows through or its such sh!tty dye that a blind man knows it's fake.

4 - So non-Pluggers don't dye their hair? I can't believe Pluggers dye their hair - that implies caring what others think and caring about your appearance. I always thought Pluggers were down-to-earth. They're such snobs!

5 - So Pluggers are honest about everything else in their life? Non-Pluggers are liars? We're criminals? Or maybe Pluggers are criminals, but since they don't even bother to wear gloves, they get caught immediately. I like that more than "Pluggers=Good, Non-Pluggers=Bad."

Plugger Sighting!

Hi and Lois (of Hi & Lois fame) are Pluggers!

Their children are too ashamed to comment at the moment.

Friday the 7th

The comic:

I saw the speech bubbles before seeing the caption, and I don't see what having a library fine has to do with anything. (College has ruined me, ruined me! I had my first late book ever last semester - a day overdue. A 25 cent fine. And that's it. No other repercussions. Er... what was I so afraid of all these years?) Now to look at the rest of the comic!

Oh, so much hate.

So non-Pluggers don't pay off their debts?

Or Pluggers only have small debts that can be paid off quickly?

You elite snobbish monstrous fuckers!

This also doesn't line up with their definition - if 80% of the population paid off its debts promptly, we'd be in a much different world.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday the 5th

The comic:

A Plugger will make more coffee than he can drink in a day, because he likes to think he's thrifty by nuking day-old coffee in a '70s ear microwave.

I know nothing about coffee - is it a good a day old?

I wouldn't think so. Especially hot coffee. I've never heard of making more hot cocoa than you need, though that's made in cup sizes, not pitchers or whatever that is.

ETA on Friday the 7th: What is he going to nuke his coffee in? I hope he uses the coffee pot.

Tuesday the 4th

The comic:


Do non-Pluggers only use "Parker, Cross, or Montblanc" pens? That's news to me, because I am not a Plugger.

And I never will be!

We do have some pens floating around the house that aren't from local businesses or schools or whatever.

Why pay for a pen when you can get one for free easily?

Much hate for Jim Shapley, of course, for implying that non-Pluggers use expensive pens, because we're all so rich and elite and snobbish, and Pluggers are better.

They're not.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday the 3rd

The comic:

Two days of my RhinoMan? Brookins must know I'm on Spring Break, and he's giving me a break, because I can't be mean to the Rhino.

And he's eating again. Good for him!

As for the non-Rhino aspects - god, a classic? From Florida?

::stereotype time::

Richard Glass (who has been "published" before, I'm sure) is an old, grumpy man who lives near a basketball court or spends time in a park that has one. And he watches the young punks play basketball all the time. He's bitter because he's old and/or he's a racist fuck, because he thinks that only black guys play basketball.

Anyways, I don't do *my* dunking on a basketball court, because we have one in our driveway. And it was put up by my father, who is not racist, according to him, but we know our friends - especially the guys! - do not make him happy. (About my half-sister's S.O. - "He's Korean, but nice.")

Let's step away from the stereotypes for a moment and go back into my ignorance.

I do not drink coffee, and while my mom and sis like Starbucks, they like the fancy coffees. Whatevs.

Do people still dunk donuts into their coffee? I've only seen it in comics - and one was an Archie story where the basketball coach was in a wheelchair, and she showed Reggie how she dunked.

But still - my dad's a cop! I've never seen this.

Song of the moment

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday the 2nd

The comic:


You have a job, food, a fridge, and Ziploc bags! You're doing so well.

Yes, Pluggers like their food. And I know RhinoMan will actually be happy, unlike his coworkers, because he's awesome.

Though a sandwich that big - won't it get soggy or something by lunch time?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday the 1st

The comic:

Ha! She's from Travelers Rest, and she can't stay awake for more than an hour while watching tv!

Ha ha ha?

This isn't funny.

If you really can't stay awake for a movie (I saw There Will Be Blood - awesome! Daniel Day-Lewis will never be a Plugger! - a couple weeks ago, and it was long, but I didn't feel tired at all.), get thee to a doctor!

Or watch them earlier in the day, sheesh.

But just not funny, kinda sad really. I have fallen asleep while watching something interesting, just did it this afternoon. (Mom called and woke me up and I thought the 15 minute nap was actually the whole damn day, I MISSED MY CLASSES! OH NOES!!!! She laughed at me and I fell back asleep.)

But I was laying on a bed. (Or couch, when I'm at home.)

I have no sympathy - I hope you have crazy late fees!

Few more things - the male Plugger is just... too big. Seriously.

And rewind? Of course Pluggers still use VHS. And only VHS.

Song of the moment - Aankhen Khuli.


The comic is reproduced here for purposes of review only, and all rights remain with the creator, Gary Brookins.