Monday, March 17, 2008

Wednesday the 12th

The comic:

Yes, Josh covered this. On the 12th. Whatever.

It seems odd that Pluggers don't hunt, but I guess I'm grateful that they don't. How disturbing a sight would that be? The meat at the counter is just meat, you don't see it as an animal, thank God!

Unless that Plugger is packing heat right now and is distracting the clerk with his order before killing and grilling him.

Now that I'm looking at the order, good god, that's a lot of meat. You could never catch all that in the wild. (And a farmer would shoot you for shooting his turkey or pig!)

So non-Pluggers hunt? And eat what they shoot?

Erm, no.

Non-Pluggers don't call a store (deli, butcher's, meat section of Kroger) "hunting grounds."

Much better.

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