Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday the 3rd

The comic:

Two days of my RhinoMan? Brookins must know I'm on Spring Break, and he's giving me a break, because I can't be mean to the Rhino.

And he's eating again. Good for him!

As for the non-Rhino aspects - god, a classic? From Florida?

::stereotype time::

Richard Glass (who has been "published" before, I'm sure) is an old, grumpy man who lives near a basketball court or spends time in a park that has one. And he watches the young punks play basketball all the time. He's bitter because he's old and/or he's a racist fuck, because he thinks that only black guys play basketball.

Anyways, I don't do *my* dunking on a basketball court, because we have one in our driveway. And it was put up by my father, who is not racist, according to him, but we know our friends - especially the guys! - do not make him happy. (About my half-sister's S.O. - "He's Korean, but nice.")

Let's step away from the stereotypes for a moment and go back into my ignorance.

I do not drink coffee, and while my mom and sis like Starbucks, they like the fancy coffees. Whatevs.

Do people still dunk donuts into their coffee? I've only seen it in comics - and one was an Archie story where the basketball coach was in a wheelchair, and she showed Reggie how she dunked.

But still - my dad's a cop! I've never seen this.

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