Friday, March 7, 2008

Saturday the 8th

The comic:

And non-Pluggers don't realize this? So Pluggers are now the smart ones.

The image doesn't match, though. Both look horrified, neither remember these words of wisdom from King of the Hill - "It will grow back."

I wonder if the customer or barber sent this in. The barber would because, hey, it's not his hair!

And this only applies to people with short hair, who have to get it trimmed every two weeks. The rest of us? Trimming my split ends is a bad haircut to me!

Let me look at the caption again. Something about it is bugging me.

If the haircut is awful, in two weeks it will return to normal.

If it's good, the same thing.

So a good haircut and a bad haircut have identical consequences? The two weeks don't make a difference - they return you to your pre-haircut state.


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Anonymous said...

Are you a plugger if you think barbers sucK?


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