Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunday the 23rd

The comic:

Pluggers don't get sick? Or they can only go from having a normal 98.6 degrees temperature to 104 with no inbetween?

I had a fever in January. Besides the barfing, I didn't feel like I feel when I'm anxious about school. For one thing, fevers are exhausting, and being worried about a paper due the next day gets you keyed up. (Too keyed up to be logical for more than a page.)

I think "communicable disease" would have been a better choice - he caught it from the teacher, and now he'll give it to his parents.

And of course Pluggers have bad report cards.

That's not to say that a bad report card makes you a Plugger, just that being a Plugger involves failure.

And what kid with a bad grade cares how his parents will *feel*? More about what they'll do or won't do. I, personally, worry about my GPA and losing my scholarship. Much scarier than a grounding or, because you know Pluggers do it, a spanking.

In 4th grade, I cried when I got my first F. In class. My parents never punished me for bad grades, but my dad had a "you're perfect or you're nothing!" attitude that I recognized at an early age. And I can't escape it, which explains the crying jags this semester as writer's block and illness collide.

ETA: Oh damn, "low-grade" fever and he's got low grades. ::groan::

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Pluggers are stupid?


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