Friday, March 7, 2008

Thursday the 6th

I can't believe I skipped this one! Whoops.

The comic:

1 - I am glad it's not the chicken lady today. Pluggers will never be people, so I can't complain about some unknown animal dying only the fur on the top of her head.

2 - Of course Pluggers dye their hair at home. My sister has done hers at home, but she's no Plugger - too young, and she never calls it a "cover up." (She did blue last year for March Madness.)

3 - "Attempts" a cover up? She just admitted that it doesn't work! The gray either shows through or its such sh!tty dye that a blind man knows it's fake.

4 - So non-Pluggers don't dye their hair? I can't believe Pluggers dye their hair - that implies caring what others think and caring about your appearance. I always thought Pluggers were down-to-earth. They're such snobs!

5 - So Pluggers are honest about everything else in their life? Non-Pluggers are liars? We're criminals? Or maybe Pluggers are criminals, but since they don't even bother to wear gloves, they get caught immediately. I like that more than "Pluggers=Good, Non-Pluggers=Bad."

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