Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday the 16th

The comic:

Non-Plugger dogs do, in fact, get full.

We have referred to our dogs as vacuum cleaners, but they're not the default ones. If they're in, and some nonpoisonous food has fallen, we do call them. (I tried to get Dixie to clean some ketchup off the floor, and she started rolling on it. Eau de catsup!)

But this drawing is disturbing.

For one, that Plugger has Chips and donuts.

He's also holding the chips in such a way that this was not an accidental spill, and it's an easy one to stop after a couple of fallen chips.

Chips aren't good for dogs.

It's one thing to have the dogs picking up fallen food and calling them a vacuum. It's another to say they don't get full.

The caption - and the slop illustrating it - make me think he doesn't have a real vacuum and expects his dog to eat everything, including his own shedded hair. (Wickett does this.)

Dogs should volunteer to vacuum, they should never be forced. (I didn't force Dixie, I showed her the ketchup and let her do what she wanted.) If they don't do it, you do it!

Also, the word balloons scare me. He sounds stoned or stupid or already drunk.

I don't like this one at all.

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