Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday the 25th

The comic:
Pluggers don't have computers.


Saturday the 24th

The comic:

Touching and true of many people.

But what makes this a Plugger cartoon - the designer 'clothing' looks like a quilt to me.


Friday the 23rd

The comic:

Pluggers never give presentations at work.

This was sent in by a man. He may have been talking about himself, but Brookins chose to make the Plugger female.

So male Pluggers know what power point presentations are, but females don't. Oh those dizzy dames!

And your son wouldn't take food from the trashcan if you let him eat at the table!

Thursday the 22nd

Happy Thanksgiving!

Naturally, this comic had nothing to do with the holiday. (I know there are Canadian Pluggers, but it calls itself American.)

More like Christmas.

That is a generation gap - the young and old misunderstand each other. Where's the Plugger element?

The cartoon itself is so sad - Grandpa just looks so hopeful, this is the key to his grandson's heart!

The kid looks snotty - imperial bastard. "Grandpa! Bring me some new DVDs! That is all!"

This was sent in by the grandfather - "some new DVDs"? There's content on the discs, and it's not identical. My sister and I both want some new DVDs, but we'd say what DVD we wanted, so I wouldn't get some Hillary Duff mess and she wouldn't get "Help!"

Granddad also looks deaf.

And like a dog desperate to please his master.

Wednesday the 21st

The comic:

Sent in by a CC poster.

A Plugger doesn't realize that he can put the TV on the weather channel or a news show...

And computers? What are those?

At least this wasn't the 'blinking 12:00' thing.


Tuesday the 20th

The comic:

Pluggers wear earrings, but not necklaces?

That Plugger is scary looking. She's like the strict old-lady teacher you had in first grade or something.

And her hair...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday the 19th

Can't you feel it?

The high will be in the 70s today and tomorrow.

Naturally, they predict storms for Wednesday.

Onto a group of 'people' who think you should go to the attic when a tornado siren goes off, the Pluggers:

We've already seen this before!

This Plugger is lazier than your average one.

There is no deadline given, and none of these seem hard on a pleasant fall day.

Except the bank thing.

Don't strain your brain!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday the 18th

New Simpsons!

If football behaves...

The comic:

I prefer Elzar.

Frozen pizza needs something more than an oven or microwave? And what's in those cans?

Skittles belong in beer, not on pizza.

Grammy? Who says that? Linda Sauder's imaginary grandkids, obviously.

Finally, what kid - who says Grammy - watches cooking shows? Bender I can believe, but Pluggers?

Later thought - and I do think! - since some comics are already celebrating Thanksgiving, let's assume that their Turkey Day dinner consists of frozen pizza and skittles. That's just awesome, as long as the skittle are sour.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 17th

Today's comic:

So what - the rest of us are hedonistic spendthrifts?

I hate Pluggers.

Oh my god, 80% of America is poor and/or lived through the Depression. Bush was right! Social Security will bankrupt us!

Now for the illustration - Ben Franklin's proverbs in your American History book? No, no, no. In a book on Franklin, YES. There's more to the revolution and Franklin's role in it than his proverbs!

And I thought those were only in the Bible...

Pluggers are deists!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

November 16th

Today's comic:

Pluggers have no friends.

Actually, I think the numbers are not there for her, but for her children or husband. Look at her face. So resigned.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

November 15th

No school that day!

Today's comic:

Oh, gag me.

So this means every nice grandma is a Plugger? Or only those who make cookies?

One of my grandmothers makes cookies, but no secrets are exchanged because she's in New Mexico!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 14th

Time to panic - instead of luxurious hours between classes, I now have 15 minutes. Nevermind that it won't take longer than 15 minutes, when will I nap????

Priorities, people.

The comic - not my top priority, but hey.

Another Tennessee Plugger! Way to make us look stupid, Rebecca Clutts.

Clutts? Really?

The address has switched back to Virginia after a day. Hmm.

Yeah, Pluggers are major philistines, big shocker there. Maybe if they shopped somewhere other than Wal-Mart.

I thought it said placenta... I'm hopeless.

Also - what is wrong with her arm? It's wider than her head!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday the 13th

Registration for Spring 2008 starts tomorrow! Eek!

The comic:

I always thought those came in girl's Happy Meals, but whatever.

Actually, I thought they only had plastic movie tie-in toys in them.

Toys that broke if you used them. How expensive are cheap sunglasses these days? I don't wear them, my sister does, but she's beyond the star frames - her latest ones are what I call "bug eyes". She did not get them in a Happy Meal.

This is a classic, so is he rerunning a strip, or finally using a 15 year old submission?

The teenagers look young-ish, better than kids in TDIET.

Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12th

Today's comic is a repeat, but not quite. More like revisionist history!

Of course, it boils down to Pluggers are old and technophobic, but still.

She should so use Wind-X on his glasses.

I wasn't aware that "high definition" is now a noun, instead of an adjective.

Too bad yesterday's wasn't sent in by any one person, but the drawings make it look like husband and wifey-poo disagree about the definition of "high definition".

In other news - I got a 100 on my latest English paper! The first two yielded an 86 and an 80 and this was the "hardest" paper and she graded it much more strictly. Go me!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 11th

He's only 17!

Veteran's Day - bah!

Good song for today - 500 Miles - it's featured in the Vietnam War documentary Hearts and Minds.

Ah, those patriotic Pluggers!


Again, no thoughts besides "gee, are Pluggers dumb".

Where is her beak?

How come we never got to see the Plugger "iPhone"?

That would be awesome.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10th

As I said in September.

Hey - it was only 8 days. I'm sure you suffered.

Today's comic:

My physical reaction: left hand on top of head, holding it, saying, "I... wha? what?"

Ron Milton, this is the most unique Pluggers I have ever seen.

You win.

Eyebrows? Do guys really worry about them?

I know Becky likes to pluck them, but I don't.

Barbers cut eyebrow hair now?

My head hurts.

I'm going to watch Malcolm in the Middle now.

I'm scared.

Friday, November 9, 2007

November 9th


2 weeks from now will be the day after Thanksgiving, also known as the start of the Christmas season.

Except... you'd think it was December 9th, by the commercials on TV and the Christmas tree (undecorated) in the school bookstore, along with the rack of Xmas cds.

Gag me.

Speaking of gag-me, today's comic:

Josh already turned this into a meth binge - which applies to every Pluggers - but I still get to try.

I'm going with my general impression of every cheap non-chain motel - YOU'RE GONNA DIE!

Good for Pluggers, bad for me.

Do motels actually brag about this anymore?

The sign should also say that all rooms are air-conditioned, fancy!

November 8th

Two weeks until Thanksgiving - I will go to one class - French, and then a doctor appointment, and then house/dog sitting all weekend. Hopefully, mom will bring me some food.

I had another paper to perfect - we always get 2 peer reviews, and one girl always gets my paper and always hates it. This one was boring! Bah.

The comic:

Yeah, only Pluggers try to save money.

Get bent, Roger Knox.

November 7th

Skipped French this day - too hot. Didn't skip ACAD, we toured the library, and I was the only one brave enough to volunteer to be the typist. It was fun - we found this site, and it's hilarious. (And a warning to not trust the intertubes. We got to it by entering ' Women AIDS facts documentation' and hitting 'I'm feeling lucky' on the Google.)

I also finished my '1000 word' paper for UNHP - we did a peer review on Thursday with the option of taking it home and redoing and turning it in Tuesday if the peer found problems with it. I never talked to the guy before, so we weren't just being nice. But we had the same response - turn it in now, it's great. Which shocked me.

And that building was SO HOT, my little fan did little to make it better - no fresh air, windows don't open.

Onto the comic -

I like 'oldies', but this goes under 'old people'. The illustration, folks.

But one of my favorites - even if I learned the language, I'd never understand, and I don't want to. It's beautiful as it is. Chaiyya Chaiyya by Dil Se

I think this is about rap, which stands for young people, especially young black people.

So it was submitted by an old racist fart.

The drawing, surprisingly, redeems it.

That sigh just looks so sad... this song means something to him. Bravo Brookins, for once. Caption's still shitty as hell.

November 6th

A note about this day - it was so damn hot in the CFA building during my UNHP class, but worth it. We saw a professional belly dancer perform and then we all danced. The guys were less shy about it, but we were better. And a cool thing to me - the steps we did involved small kicks, and almost everybody I noticed (big mirror across the wall we faced; I looked down) wearing long - not capris or shorts - pants had a slight flare at the ankle.

Please, no Plugger belly dancing, EVER!

The comic:

Disco dancing, now, that would be just fine.

As long as I never see it.

Being a child of the '90s, I have no idea what the deal is with leisure suits - I've seen pictures, they must have been doing a lot of blow.

Which would explain why RhinoMan is now so poor!

As for the caption, blatant Foxworthy ripoff alert! (Though Foxworthy probably didn't come up with the phrase, he did make it famous.)

Are they Pluggers or rednecks?

Also, as a girl, I'd like to wear a tie for the sake of wearing something girls don't normally wear, since I don't have to.


But I did see a reference to 'skinny '60s ties' in one Mad, so I know the width probably varied with the fashions.

November 5th

The comic:

John Radford of Chester, Virginia: You are not getting any for a long, long time.

At least they look similar - I have nothing against interracial marriages among humans - Pluggers are a sin against God.

My Cage has animals that act human and LOOK LIKE F!CKING ANIMALS! Take a lesson, Brookins. (And it is awesomely good - most of the comics obsessed over at the CC are awesomely bad.)

November 4th

The comic:

It was sent in by the wife!

Or the mistress.

Or a male Plugger named 'Ashley'.

Nope, the wife.

Because she likes controlling her husband's every move and counting the blue-collar money while doing something sordid all day - you know she doesn't work, women can't work.

This pisses me off. Stupid stereotypes about both genders are dumb as hell.

November 3rd

The comic:

Again with the tricks thing.

And they're calling Pluggers dogs!

Wait - she's comparing herself to a dog because she knows how to text and computers were the size of football fields when she was younger.

The presence of an old-looking Plugger makes me think it should say 'A grandpa...'

Nov 2nd

Yeah - I knew if I even started doing these, I'd procrastinate.

And I still did too much procrastinating.

Anyway - November 2nd, last Friday - I went home, even though I really shouldn't have, what with the papers due, but hey! Puppies!

The comic:




Brookins can't even draw a real dog! That image will haunt me until I die.

This will help:

As for the bag of tricks thing, it's a bag of doggie bones - it may cause the dog to do tricks, but Pluggers are not dogs. They're not doing the tricks.

The real dog in the picture - meant to soothe the eyes and brain - will only go outside if he sees a bone go outside - the other 2 will run out at a gesture.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday the 1st

Happy All Saint's Day!

Pluggers are religious, but I doubt they're Catholic, so if they mention dead relatives today on top of yesterday's Halloween-themed panel, damn. I won't know what to do.

Do guys only use toilets for urination?


Now, I live in a girl's dorm, so that's not an issue. And there are no men at home. (2 dogs, yes, but we're not going there - they never use the toilet.)

So I know nothing about this. However, whenever I visited my dad's house, I don't recall the toilet seat being up. Same at any house with guys.

Now for the bigger issue - the look on her face. She's got 4 sons - if this is all that's bothering her... Though I know that it can be the little things that get you, like the toilet seat being up.

Biggest issue - the name! "Tony" can be feminine, but Pluggers are all about stereotypes, hence the caption.

So this is the husband or one of the sons mocking her. Sick jerks.

Wednesday the 31st

Happy Halloween!

I got 2 lollie pops in English yesterday, and I bought a Butterfinger bar and a pack of Now and Later.

I heard there was free candy in the Tiger Den, but I didn't see any.

And the Colbert Report was so damn funny.

But none of that is why I skipped the comic - I wanted to start writing my English paper and couldn't get started, but I got 2 pages done today, so hey! (At least 5 needed, but once I get started, I don't shut up. And I have plenty to analyze.)

Happy Halloween - I'm sure it won't be topical -


Though most people carve pumpkins before the big day, but hey!

I think of Pluggers as farmers, or factory workers who live near farms, so wouldn't a Plugger pumpkin patch be a pumpkin patch?

And toothpicks? A patch covers a hole, it doesn't... prop it up.


The comic is reproduced here for purposes of review only, and all rights remain with the creator, Gary Brookins.