Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wednesday April 30th

The comic:

Gas costs more today than it did in the "good old days".


Tuesday, April 29th

The comic:

Finally! A Pluggers about cars that I understand.



So you're a Plugger if you have an old car.

But only if you have a new car because you don't like all those fancy geegaws in the new ones.

(My sister has to roll down her windows manually, but this is her first car.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday April 28th

The comic:

Pluggers wear Timex watches?

Pluggers wear watches?

And yes, cell phones work as clocks, especially for those of us who hate something tight on our wrists trapped in a classroom without a wall clock for an hour and a half.

Wear was I?

So this comic confirms that Pluggers are old, but they have non-Plugger children. So there are non-Pluggers that are the same "species". Oh, my head.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday April 26th

The comic:

I do not do that! I seize any moment when I'm three or more days are empty in my pill thing.

And they're not very sick if they're only taking medication once a day. (They sell them with the days divided up to four times, so no excuses.)

Friday April 25th

The comic:

Those are not GPS devices. They do not tell you where you are. They tell you which way is which direction. They do not tell you which way to go, or what is where.

I hope your troopers sue you for getting them lost and not springing for a real GPS device.

Thursday April 24th

The comic:

That's not good.

That's not good at all.

And yes, the "childproof" cap is anything but. And it's craptacular as hell that arthritis medication is locked up that way. But don't use a minor! Especially a seven year old! There's no one else in your life?

Wednesday April 23rd

The comic:

I don't remember any of this, but I do think movie prices are insanely high.

However, ha ha, you're old!

And this is the oldest (ha!) gripe about how bad life is now.

Tuesday, April 22nd

The comic:

You're a plugger if you can't do anything new or original in your life, besides sending in terrible puns and definitions to Gary Brookins.

(I know there are non-Plugger reasons to do this - notice the father is not mentioned? You're rebelling against your dad, going retro. But that's something young adults do, and Pluggers were never, ever young.)

Monday, April 21st

The comic:

Josh's take.

Dean Booth's brilliant parody.

My take?

I'm going with the tag "pride," because the birdlady knows no one will get mad, not at her! Not for trying to make everybody's life easier!

I sometimes do this, but only when there's no line and/or I have to dip into pennies because of poor planning. Also, they may ask - give you a round amount of change - a dollar, a dime, instead of 87 cents.

What's funny is they're all Pluggers, so everyone in line will do this. And when the cashier gets off work and buys something? She'll use exact change.

Saturday, April 19th

The comic:

Pluggers are fat. Though, in all honesty, some chairs and surfaces stick to my legs when it's really hot. But never like that. RhinoMan needs new furniture, stat! Or he needs to fix his situation by sitting somewhere else, like the floor. Sheesh, Rhi, I loves ya enough not to laugh at you, but you've got to use your brains.

Friday, April 18th

The comic:

Reed Hoover again.

Wow. This is a new side to the Plugger - grump.

He looks so ticked off.

Thursday, April 17th

The comic:

A nightcap is alcoholic in nature, and chocolate ice cream (minus any background bottles) is not.

I've never had the wine flu, but I swear, brain freeze is much better.

Also, I've never said "Ow!!" Pluggers are wimps.

Who says nightcaps anymore, besides losers like Wendell Campbell? (Oh, Wendell. Poor Wendell. That name hurts me more than brain freeze.)

Wednesday, April 16th

The comic:

Why rerun this?

It is the funniest Pluggers ever, though it's completely unintentional.

The only humor they tried for is lame and stupid - "Men like to change channels! They never stop!"

So who was watching Baywatch?

I hope she thinks he's asleep and he's dead and she ignores him until the stench gets too strong.

Or she poisoned him because he was a stereotype, never watching any channel for more than a second, the bastard, and too cheap to get her her own tv and too controlling to let her watch TV when he wasn't.

Totally awesome Bollywood song -- Yeh Ladka Hai Allah

Tuesday, April 15th

The comic:

Ha, ha, Pluggers are old. And when you're old, you get sick. And you get too stupid to write the appointments down on your calendar and keep the appointment cards someplace as convenient as your wallet. (We put them in the car, tucked under the thingie - point is, we can see them. And the docs call a day or so before the appointment.)

I need something new for the "Pluggers are old/fat" comics that come up.

Ah. Perfect.

Monday, April 14th

The comic:

Why would a Plugger have a dictionary in the first place?

Saturday, April 12th

The comic:

So non-Plugger grandmas dis their grandbaby's culinary efforts?

That's all I got, except this totally awesome Bollywood tune of the momement: Yeh Ladka Hai Dewanna

Friday, April 11th

The comic:

Man, two birdladies in one week. Who have I angered? Oh what do I care - I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't done done done done with my two papers. One hasn't been turned in yet, but I am finished.

Onto people who hate people like me.

I thought the daily grind was work - Pluggers don't work? Or they don't refer to work as the daily grind.

I cannot believe a Plugger has a shredder. Wow. I know it's only there for the atrocious pun, but still. Wow.

Oh, wait - lady Pluggers don't work! Silly me.

Thursday, April 10th

The comic:

Reed Hoover strikes again.

But there's my RhinoMan.

And he looks like he has a perfectly boring 9-to-5, non-blue collar job with benefits and such.

But he cannot afford a long enough tie. :(

Maybe he's just working for one of those door-to-door sales things. That sucks. Poor guy.

Wednesday, April 9th

The comic:

Well. He's not a Plugger. Nothing to see here.


Plus, it just doesn't make sense. (I've been to urologists, I've had kidney stones. Never was there anything like unplugging.)

Tuesday, April 8th

The comic:


Did putting the news in caps make it any more new?


Didn't think so.

Monday, April 7th

The comic:

You know, the Plugger birdwoman bothers me more than any of the other creatures locked in Pluggerville. It's easier to accept mammalian humans, I guess. Also, I can't stand Shoe.

Now I see the caption. (I saw the top half of the cartoon first.)

Pluggers are fat.

But wouldn't she have been winded by tying her shoes?

That is one scary looking Plugger - she needs to sit down, drink some water, and ::shudder:: put on something cooler. If you know you'll work up a sweat within five minutes, why not wear something cool. I cannot fathom exercising in sweats, even in winter.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday, April 5th

The comic:

Air guitars don't make a sound.

That's the point.

If anything, an elderly air guitar player would make more sounds, what with the creaking of old joints and such.

He has arthritic fingers? That's sad.

And the phrase "old rocker plugger" is a crime against nature.

Friday, April 4th

The comic:

Ah, Josh has already covered this, implying that pluggers were control freaks at best and cult leaders at worst. (Or ordered around by a control freak/cult leader.)

My interpretation?

I don't know anybody who knows anything about fencing. I know there was an Archie story where Betty and Veronica were fencing in the school halls, and I'm sure it's been featured in some movie or tv show. (I'm thinking a murder type show.)

Also, I'm a plugger. And so's my mom. We have to put things up against our fence to keep the furry Houdini from wiggling out. But we've never called it fencing.

Who does that?

Oh right, Pluggers.

I don't like this comic -- it implies that only Pluggers work hard and live off the land and non-Pluggers are city-slickers who wouldn't know a cowpoke from a cowcatcher.

Thursday, April 3rd

The comic:

Frank Briggs, you saved your skin initially, but getting published kinda guarantees trouble.

They don't look nearly old enough to be married 50 years - if they got married at 18, they'd be 68 now.

Also, his wife is either blind or illiterate. There is a big difference between anniversary and birthday cards. Even if they just say "Hey, you rule!" it ends with a birthday note or a wow, the years have flown by. Hmm. A vaguely worded, boring anniversary card could pass as a birthday card. (I'm thinking of the ones that aren't funny and come from your oldest-seeming grandma.)

I also hate jokes about men - always men - forgetting birthdays and anniversaries. I don't understand it at all. You live with your wife, you should know her birthday! I don't live with my dad, but I do know his birthday. Now, some of my cousins and aunts, that's another story.

Wednesday, April 2nd

The comic.

Oh. This is hard. I need to see it.

Ah. Better.

Poor RhinoMan. He never has any money. How'd he get the nuts and bolts? Did something fall apart in his pants?

You know what sucks? Hearing coins in your purse/pocket and only finding pennies, pennies, and more pennies.

This is one of the few comics that shows how mechanical Pluggers are without attacking non-Pluggers. And it stars my main man!


I'm not going to cover Sundays anymore.

They're only available at a couple sites, and the last time (almost a month ago!), it was hard to get it.

So I'm abandoning the official site and will be using the Houston Chronicle's excellent comic site from now on.

I stopped with April 1st's comic because that was a the whole year.

Pluggers is a depressing, hateful comic. And this blog isn't even good for procrastination, because they're sooooooo depressing, and not doing homework and looming deadlines make me cry, and I hate Pluggers.

I'm going to give it another chance, but I will not skip any days. I'm starting with the 2nd!

I'm not going to have any set plan with the comics, I'll just say what comes to mind and see what happens.

ETA: Because of the Chron's awesomesaucesomeness WRT its archives, no more Plugger images sullying my blog!

ETA2: Because I work better when I can see the stupid cartoon, I will continue to sully my blog with their visages.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tuesday the 1st

The comic:

You're a Plugger if you like old movies.


You're a Plugger if you're old and act like a grumpy old fert.

Monday the 31st

The comic:

What else are chains attached to?

Keys? (Saw that in MAD - old old story. Older than me.)

A watch?

I see young guys daily, er most weekdays, I go to college! And I don't think I've ever seen a guy with chains on his pants. Maybe some goths in high school?

I really don't understand this.

Sunday the 30th

This link won't work much longer, but I can't find this anywhere else. Weird.

The comic:

Hahaha, another "definition" of downloading. Oh my stars, this is too funny.

Though Pluggers aren't the type to you know, play the piano, are they?

Saturday the 29th

The comic:





Friday the 28th

The comic:


Meh and such.

Thursday the 27th

The comic:

Pluggers now qualify for Meals on Wheels!

My sister works at Sonic as a carhop and loves her job when she doesn't hate it. One carhop skates. So it's not completely in the realm of the dinosaurs yet. But the time when they wore short skirts is, mmkay, Pluggers?

Are they parked somewhere? Lamenting the fact that you have to drive to a window *yourself* to get food?

I also wasn't aware of another interpretation of "Meals on Wheels" until now.

Thanks, Pluggers! You old sexist freaks of nature...

Bollywood song of the moment. So much energy! So unlike every Plugger comment, unless they're being sucked up in a tornado.

Wednesday the 26th

The comic:

I must admit, I thought he was looking at bottled waters at first. ("Mountain Mist" is a deodorant scent? Really?)

I can't think of a category here, besides RhinoMan, who is the shiznit. (My sister made me say it.)

Anyway, why would a Plugger even consider the other scents or know their titles?

And he's at the bottom of the shelf, I don't think he can make it.

Ooh, fat! Good one.

I'm quite lost here.

Cool song of the moment: Mudhal Mazhai Enai from the movie Bheema. Very, very soothing.


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