Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, April 4th

The comic:

Ah, Josh has already covered this, implying that pluggers were control freaks at best and cult leaders at worst. (Or ordered around by a control freak/cult leader.)

My interpretation?

I don't know anybody who knows anything about fencing. I know there was an Archie story where Betty and Veronica were fencing in the school halls, and I'm sure it's been featured in some movie or tv show. (I'm thinking a murder type show.)

Also, I'm a plugger. And so's my mom. We have to put things up against our fence to keep the furry Houdini from wiggling out. But we've never called it fencing.

Who does that?

Oh right, Pluggers.

I don't like this comic -- it implies that only Pluggers work hard and live off the land and non-Pluggers are city-slickers who wouldn't know a cowpoke from a cowcatcher.

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