Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wednesday the 26th

The comic:

I must admit, I thought he was looking at bottled waters at first. ("Mountain Mist" is a deodorant scent? Really?)

I can't think of a category here, besides RhinoMan, who is the shiznit. (My sister made me say it.)

Anyway, why would a Plugger even consider the other scents or know their titles?

And he's at the bottom of the shelf, I don't think he can make it.

Ooh, fat! Good one.

I'm quite lost here.

Cool song of the moment: Mudhal Mazhai Enai from the movie Bheema. Very, very soothing.


Anonymous said...

That's one unhealthy looking Plugger.

Kaitlyn said...

When do they ever look healthy?


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