Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday the 28th

The comic:


This must be a good omen - this week won't suck.

Poor, poor rhinoman.

He's back, but he's fat.

And depressed.

That gut appeared overnight, or he is constantly depressed.

Can rhinos see their feet in the first place?

And I wouldn't call a rhino fat, not if I wanted to live.

But rhinoman is fair game? That's not right.

He probably has a tapeworm or something equally disgusting. Sell some blood, rhinoman, and get thee to a doctor!

Calling portions of your body and the world that you are unable to see a 'blind spot' sounds like a happy, silly, stupid thing to do.

Not what my RhinoMan would do.

It also just reminded me of the opening to an episode of Malcolm in the Middle. Dewey broke something and hid under Lois's pregnant belly. Funny!

Pluggers, even with my RhinoMan? Not funny.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday the 27th

The comic:

No, don't bring her chicken soup! Who will wash the dishes?

Good god, this is disgusting.

She is not a 'dishwasher', she is a human being (or a Plugger).

And other people can wash dishes.

A classic? From 1948?


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday the 26th

The comic:



And I'm a plugger? (Well, not now, no furry creatures allowed in the dorm unless they're helpers, and Dixie won't protect me from the evil llama and goats, so... no dog hair here. But allllllllllll over the house.)

That had to be sent in by somebody who doesn't have pets, I don't recall any of us saying that or thinking that.

And, I'm not a vet, but that dog may have a skin problem or something, to be shedding that much in *winter*. Dixie is shedding a bit now, but it'll be insane in a month or so when her winter coat is no longer necessary. (Not that she needs it now.)

And humans shed as well. Take a look at a hairbrush, run your hands through your hair, etc.

And ignore the Pluggers. You don't need to turn into Monk to avoid the label. It will be okay.

ETA - BUBBA the dog? I live in redneck/plugger country and I've never met a person named Bubba (that I remember), let alone a beloved pet. Now, on the teevee...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday the 25th

The comic:

EW, again. Thanks!

Pluggers play with balls in the house and their grandmothers are understanding.

Non pluggers either don't break things or our grandmothers beat the snot out of us or rat us out to somebody when we do.


Something a bit nicer - the opening scenes and song from the movie Prince of Egypt, back when Dreamworks made good movies.

Thursday the 24th

The comic:

I don't know what to say to this.

I have had to hose off my shoes before because I stepped something worse than mud, but my dad - who would consider himself a blue-collar Plugger - shined his a lot, or so I remember. (He was in the military, then became a cop.)

So Pluggers don't wear fancy shoes.

And non-Pluggers do.


Wednesday the 23rd

The comic:

I understand the salt and pepper, but who keeps medicine on the kitchen table during meals?


And calling it a centerpiece? Who do you think you're kidding?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday the 22nd

The comic:

Oh the kids today with their bling and their bling-bling. What do they know?

Honestly, I've got nothing.

Who does that anymore? They're called wristwatches, Pluggers.

Er, actually, I don't wear a watch, I use my cell phone.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Monday the 21st

The comic:

Pluggers are men today.

That's great, it means I'm not one.

Though if I ever start carrying a purse similar to my mom's... no.

So how are you a plugger? You're married to somebody who uses old-looking purses? Your wife carries the purse your mom used to carry? You're just old?

This makes less sense than usual, which is saying something.

Sunday the 20th

The comic:

In honor of your father? Really?

Oh, my dad was so funny! One year, after the first real snow of the season, he told me he'd finally gotten a snow blower. I ran out to the garage and there it was. A new shovel with a bow on it.

"It doesn't run on gasoline Stevie! We'll show those towelheads a thing or two. Now get to it," he commanded in between sips of hot cocoa.

Yes, a shovel is better, I guess, since you work out more, but sheesh, the whole "ha ha, technology is dum!!!!11!! It just needlessly replaces what we have" thing is just stupid and makes you look stupid.

But damn, I want some snow.

I'm at home right now because mom and Beck went out of town for Beck's birthday (some mall... zzz) and the dogs would've spent the weekend outside. It's going to be below freezing at night and during the day, so here I am.

But no snow.

My grandmother near Atlanta has snow. My aunt and uncle in Nebraska have snow. My grandmother in New Mexico has snow. My uncle in Alaska has snow. And on and on.

Memphis sucks.

Though not as hard as Pluggers.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Saturday the 19th

When I do this at midnight, I'm usually watching something like Malcolm in the Middle or Psych. Few comics can stand up to those two, especially this one:

My eyes, her eyes!

Little pluggers never mature mentally, though they do physically, as we see today, where the little plugger's 13 year old brother reads a book to her.


And creepy as hell.

As usual.

Psych is on!

Friday the 18th

The comic:

Bad species choice.


Some puppies are all 'wavy skin' and some old dogs are all wavy hair.

So you're a plugger if, as you aged, you lost your hair and developed wrinkles.

That's just mean - if it 'senior' wasn't in there, well, Pluggers go bald at 20, pass it on.

But this? Can apply to anyone.

Or just pluggers - 'wavy skin'? Really?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday the 17th

The comic:




That is all.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday the 16th

The comic:

You can't send e-mail on a typewriter, stupid stupid!

"It's on its way"? You used all your braincells on punctuation, didn't you.

It's there once you hit send - faster than it takes to call the person.

Now you call if it's been a few days (and it's important!) and you haven't heard back, but give them some time to check their mail!

Though they may not check their mail unless you tell them. After all, you're both Pluggers.

The caption takes place before the picture - if you are sending it, you're typing as you talk or you haven't even started.

And what the hell kind of Plugger is that? Pluggers don't work in cubicles! And they don't look like... is that a cat?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tuesday the 15th

I want to stay up and watch Malcolm in the Middle, and I will, by gum!

And get this out of the way, as well. (MitM isn't on until 12:30.)

My first class isn't until 9:40 tomorrow, and I'm not done until 2:30ish.

I only had 2 classes today, yay! One of the required courses is a science with a lab, and the class meets on Tuesday and Thursday, but the lab is on Monday. Whatever, there was a sign - no labs for x, y, z, my class until the 22nd, which means the 28th. W00t!

The comic, the comic:

"Technology is not only bad, it is useless, because I have an escort to tell me where to go."

Was gonna say robot, but hey! Technology is bad.

You know what? We don't have a GPS device. But we don't say the map is one! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And stop calling your fellow pluggers 'devices'. It's creepy as hell.

Monday the 14th

2 classes down, one to go!

And good god, it is HOT in every building. 76 in my room, and the window's been open since Saturday evening!

The comic:

Then why is there an official Pluggers website?

Why would a Plugger need a typewriter - they're only good for writing, you can't play games on them or go online.

I like old typewriters, they're fun, but give me a computer any day. I'd hate to write papers on a non-electric typewriter, good god, every draft must be retyped, over and over again.

Mallard Fillmore is plugger. He is probably the first duck.

What gets me about anti-technology people is that they're so damn smug - I'm not entering the 21st century, no way!

We're not jealous of you, we'd pity you if we had any sympathy.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday the 13th

I'm back on my narrow - but soft! - dorm bed instead of the short couch, watching "Hooked" on the History Channel.

Exactly what I'd be doing at home, without dogs.

Wild child!

The comic, yes the comic:

I would love if Ginny Ley sent this just the box in, because that applies to every time you go in a restaurant, plugger or no.

But no, the drive thru is all we're talking about.

Of course, they have to stay in their heaps, or they'll be stolen. Why would you steal a plugger's car?

Are Pluggers mechanically inclined or are they just lazy?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday the 12th

The comic:

You know what's worse than white socks with black dress pants?

Your best man was a goat? I was supposed to be that goat!

(Sorry, Psych is on. "Trollop"? "Harlot"? This is the funniest show since Arrested Development.)

Where's the flood?

Your socks shouldn't show.

I know that much, though I know jack shit about fashion and black dress pants.

Shirley, you are wound too tight.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Friday the 11th

The comic:

Pluggers are so ... ugh.

They don't give a damn about anything, do they?

I'd say they're depressed, but they'd never admit it - admitting you have a problem is like saying you're the worst person ever.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thursday the 10th

I'm supposed to move back in today (a day before the official move-in day, avoid some of the insanity), but I'm in some suckeriffic pain. And my doctor wants to see me at 9:15 (after a scheduled 45 minutes with the physical therapist).

So who knows how I'll feel after that. And, the doctor is pretty far away from home, so if I'm moving back in, I've got to pack without knowing what I'll be doing later that day. ::headdesk::

Anyway! Some "people" with worse lives than mine need their daily mocking. (And yes, I know my life isn't the worst ever, but I'm in pain and pain trumps other people's suffering every time.)

The comic:

And now we're back to a world with only elderly Pluggers. (Though I know a number of people who were not old when they became grandparents, not by a long shot.)

So senior Pluggers are great-grandparents?

This new facet of the Plugger is interesting. Pluggers are so poor they have to work after retirement to survive, yet they spend their money on kid's food? I know, she's cutting coupons, but the savings aren't that great compared to just buying the generic version.

Of course, it could reflect the way grandparents spoil their grandchildren much more than they ever thought of spoiling their kids.

Or, since Grandma Plugger is cutting coupons, she's not only trying to buy the grandkids' love with food, she's doing it with name brand items! The other grandmother buys generics. Take that, non-Plugger!

ETA - Fish sticks? FISH STICKS? Your grandkids want chips and candy. I like fish and some fish sticks aren't disgusting, but still! I'm weird!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wednesday the 9th

The comic:

Pluggers live charmed lives now? Double standards are good?

Why'd they have to drag my RhinoMan into this? Look at his eyes, he doesn't know what's going on!

I really don't like today's comic. It bothers me.

Tuesday January 8th

The comic:

I refuse to believe there are such things as "senior pluggers". If there are seniors, there are non seniors. That's scary.

Also, today's panel is just so stupidly self-centered (an age group is a 'self' for now).

Hello, I'm only 19 and I have dead people in my address book. (Okay, so it's my mom's. But I use it to find relative's addresses.)

PEOPLE DIE. Someone who was in my English class junior year died over the summer between 11th and 12th grade.

My sister was in middle school and lost 7 friends and classmates in a senseless car crash.

But I guess older people die faster than younger people, and that belongs on our nations' comic pages? I don't think so.

One more thing - they're in your address book and you find out about their death through the obituary page?

Wow - you were close.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday the 7th

The comic:

This is just mean.

I'm going with the idea that Mike Burns is not RhinoMan, and he's mocking somebody.

What a dick - he's trying to lose weight, get healthy!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday the 6th

The comic:


Ha ha. Myspace is website, but it can also refer to somebody's personal space.


Friday, January 4, 2008

Saturday the 5th

The comic:

How could this be considered funny?

Oh it's funny because Jim Longley plugged up a phrase. Ha ha.

This is true for too many retirees, and that's not right.

This is not a good thing!

I know the phrase could mean that he's working because he's bored, he wants spending money, whatever.

But it doesn't come across that way.

And I must stereotype for a second - Pluggers are conservative. (But not all conservatives are Pluggers.) So they probably support cutting social security benefits.

But they're blue collar. I thought blue collar workers had great unions, which usually equals a pension.

Today's comic makes me feel uncomfortable.

And it's an insult, of course, to those retirees who don't like working at a big box store to survive.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Friday the 4th

In real animal news, the boys are getting shaved today. The vet boards them overnight for free - when my mom switched schools, she couldn't drop them off in the morning and they love us.

So a nice quiet night for once.

And yes, this week has been F1cking FREEZING, but thy are ugly ugly mutts with long hair.

Oh, the comic:

Pluggers are content with mediocrity.

I know people can be happy with a job like that, and there's nothing wrong with that.

However, I get the feeling that Pluggers look down on people who do climb the corporate ladder and keep their hands dirty.

And there's a lot wrong with that.

Thursday the 3rd

The comic:

The art looks recycled. Sadly, I cannot find it without going through all 220 posts. I'm thinking of the one where the Plugger works from home but doesn't have a second line.

Whatever - kids age, it makes parents feel old.

His face is both good and bad.

Bad - he looks old, but not that old. And Pluggers have hard lives, they look 50 at 20, blah blah blah. Unless they're selling Botox at the feed store now.

Good - Sarcasm! "Thank you for reminding me that I will die soon."

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wednesday the 2nd

The comic:

This is really odd.

A Plugger embracing technology? Oh, me head.

The passenger should be the Plugger, the saintly Luddite.

The only phone I use at school is my cell phone - I brought my room phone, but it never worked. My first roommate had a landline, but now it's just the cell phones. It's very confusing, because the university hasn't quite caught up - we get Safety Alerts over our cells, but still have to give our room phone numbers to use the computer lab.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tuesday the 1st

It's 2008!

We haven't heard many fireworks. And neither has Dixie, which is awesome.

Not awesome?

The first comic of 2008:

She is blind and he is her seeing-eye dog.

Only logical interpretation.

Name - A Kennedy from Massachusetts?! No way!


The comic is reproduced here for purposes of review only, and all rights remain with the creator, Gary Brookins.