Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday June 30th

The comic:

He's rocking out to Pat Boone.

And I don't even want to get into what "less volume" means - he can't twist and do the mashed potato like he used to?

Also, I can't dance, and I used to listen exclusively to oldies and songs that had guitar in them. But I never played air guitar. I just danced badly and ran around scaring the dogs.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday June 29th

The comic:

Sent in by a man.

Did he do this in secret, so the woman he hates so much wouldn't see it?

I'm going to say yes.

It's one thing to show respect for your partner, it's quite another to meekly do what they say, secretly hating them the entire time. And for the dominating partner, it's important to ask their opinions on doing things, though since it's always the man being meek around his wife in Pluggerville, and men in Pluggerville don't talk about their feelings...

Hey wait, if they live stereotyped gender roles, shouldn't he have already mowed the yard? It's not like women do that!

Plus, Hank Hill is a Plugger, and he has a tiny yard and a riding mower and he loves his lawn.

She's treating him like a moody teenager, and he's acting like one.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday June 28th

The comic:

Say what? They don't use it for Farmville like everyone else their age?

She doesn't look pleased - maybe she went to a different school or wasn't there that year.

Or perhaps she's skeptical and they're going to call up Wally Bikechane (WTF) and ask him to do that again. Was he eating it and then laughed and it went out, like when liquids go out your nose at the wrong moment? I've heard soda burns like hell.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday June 26th

The comic:

I know dogs can get sunburns - hairless breeds, dogs who got their summer shaves, but I have never heard of putting sunblock on them. The normal thing is to keep their outside time to a minimum when the sun is out.

And, forgetting the animal aspect for a second, why do older Pluggers need more sunblock? Because they lose the hair on their heads and a head sunburn is mighty uncomfortable? (Only thing stopping me from shaving my head. That, and I like it when it's braided.)

My first thought was that it was a fat "joke" - they have more body to cover because they got fat, see?

But balding is probably it.

However, this is just wrong, wronger than anything else involving these creatures and I am going to pet a real dog and pretend this never happened.

I suggest you all do the same if you want to survive the weekend.

And wear your sunblock! Despite what my ignorant sister thinks, people with all shades of skin color can get burned and damaged, so get the strongest SPF you can find if you want to go out in the sunniest part of the day! I lost my uncle to skin cancer, I need to take my own advice next time I go out after 10am.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday June 25th

The comic:

That's a very labored set-up and a very exact, unique situation.

When I'm going to stay in a hotel for a long period of time, I bring enough clothes so I don't have to do laundry. And if I'm going to be somewhere long enough to do laundry, I'm usually at a place that has a washer and dryer that does not require coins, like a relative's place.

And really, the casinos are the only place people go for vacation?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday June 24th

The comic:


Oh wait, I just remembered last summer (or was it the summer before?) when the government offered coupons for the converter box so you could continue to get your network channels in peace.

Before that, I was in awe that they bothered with the converter box.

Plugger question - why does his TV still work but his car is falling apart? TVs are harder to fix and harder to understand. Though maybe they were simpler back then, what do I know about Philcos?

And despite being a disrespectful teenager (I'm 21) I do appreciate a B&W movie or TV show. Andy Griffith in black and white means Barney is still there - in color, he's gone. And I saw a colored version of Mughal-e-Azam that was hideously colored. The director died and he wanted it colored and you can see the scenes he colored (the colors look natural) vs the ones attacked with highlighters.

Futurama's on! And it's new!!!

ETA: I know how to hook up the DVD player, the Wii, and my computer (provided the TV has a VGA port) and a bit about the cable (in the dorm, the cord goes on the wall, and then on my TV! Magic! That does not mean I am a TV expert, just like the fact that I can type without looking and use the internet easily does not mean I am a computer expert. (Though with our old one, I was able to add extra RAM so I could update the Sims (the original, spluh!) - I could take apart the computer casing and do that. But that's about it.) 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hank Hill is a Plugger

And I cannot stand him.

Dale, however, is awesome.

And I would love to live with Bill (as a platonic roommate) and introduce him to the world of Bollywood and cheer him up.

Bobby is also awesome.

Peggy is at times.

But Hank is a major Plugger - he doesn't like new technology, especially computers, and the old way is always best. He also believes in rigid gender roles, hurting his son again and again.

He's also right repeatedly. The episode I just saw involved MySpace (a couple years too late) and he thought it would lead to disaster... and it did.

Wednesday June 23rd

The comic:

And you vote for somebody who wants to slash social security, which means you have to get a job when you thought you'd be done. But if you vote for the other guy, gays could get married!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday June 22nd

The comic:



Why her age? Creepy.

Also, the price of a box of Girl Scout Cookies has gone up, and Pluggers can afford $300 worth of cookies? I'd only get like 10 a year, my freezer isn't that big.

Though I prefer Tagalongs to Thin Mints.

And cookies to Pluggers.

But that's a given.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday June 21st

The comic:


Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

We have one plate hanging up, and it's not collectible by any measure, especially since it's split in two.

I'm lost. Boggled in the brain.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday June 19th

The comic:

Ha ha, people age! Isn't it funny!

And why is he confused? He had to know what movie/sitcom he was watching, right?

And why doesn't he just watch the classics and ignore the fact that actors choose different roles as they age?

Because then he'd have nothing to whine about.

I'm more shocked by my relatives aging, especially my cousins who are kids who I don't see that often. "What do you mean she's graduating from high school?!"

Pluggers don't like change. I get it. So why seek it out? I don't see anyone forcing him to watch it! And what actor is he talking about? Six shooters? An actor who did that is probably dead now! And if he's Clint Eastwood, I doubt he's done a movie with a minivan.

This would work better if he was reading about the new movie online or in the paper - or his grandchild was telling him about it - "Hey, your favorite star from when you were a kid is in this movie... as the grandfather."

Or I could be charitable and say he's watching a commercial for some "wacky" summer movie, but no, I've seen Pluggers put themselves in situations just so they can whine, so no charity!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday June 18th

The comic:

This reminds me of The Sound of Music.

Does anyone really whistle for their kids? I thought they just shouted. This is bizarre, and just an excuse to bash the internet. Again.

They could have shown a Plugger whistling for their pet to come. Or walking along, whistling a tune.

But no, that would make sense.

I'm on Twitter as MemphisKaitlyn if you're curious!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday June 17th

The comic:

But this caption is too long - "Reading only the single-panel comics is Plugger speed reading."

Also - ha ha, this is a single-panel comic too!

And you can't save the newspaper for later in the day to enjoy because...

And the love of Family Circus is okay - they look at the little children as we look at them - some weird species.

But the Marmaduke love gives me a headache - it features humans and animals - and animals that don't talk to wear clothes or read the paper.

And I am quite disappointed that Brookins didn't plug himself - instead of Marmaduke (another animal - competition!), he should have said Pluggers.

And then your head would explode.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday June 16th

The comic:

I think I've seen this.

Anyway, I remember my dad settling down to polish his shoes... on dress days... when he was in the military.

The average white-collar worker does not polish their shoes. Especially tennis shoes. And flip-flops - which, if made of the right material, can be washed with a hose.

Anyways, this is his job. He's probably been doing it since 18, since his dad and grandfather worked there. He's most likely part of a union.

But he looks so dejected - does he think she's going to change her mind one day and say, sure make the house muddy - it's not like I've been working all day and just cleaned up after our kids!

Of course, the cynic would say a little mud wouldn't be noticed in a Plugger household. Except, Pluggers love stereotypes, especially sexist ones. And we all know wives henpeck their husbands and are so picky they don't want a bit of dirt in the house!

Also, washing his shoes won't help - maybe hose off the bottom, but unless they're waterproofed on the outside, they'll take some time to dry and he needs them for work tomorrow. So why not just kick them off outside and put on indoor shoes?

When my shoes are too nasty or I got caught in the rain, they sit on the porch. And they take a bit to dry out.

Also, that lunch box is too ridiculous and old fashioned - Plugger men love them!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday June 15th

The comic:

Ha ha, his vehicle is worthless, but he depends on it because he lives in Pluggerville, which is rural and thus has no public transportation and very little sidewalks away from the shopping areas, so he needs his poor car to survive. He doesn't make enough to repair or restore his car, the only money he can put towards his car is just for cas.

This is hilarious.

And does he carry the boots between the cab and the truck bed? Because every time I see that, I assume a poor guy is being held there by his boots and being dragged around, head near the road.

That poor cop. The Plugger doesn't care, so why should he? But it's better than his other calls about teenagers playing their "heavy metal" Christian music too loud.

Also, most of the Pluggers episodes devoted to cars are about they're in terrible shape - so how can he find it? Oh yeah, license plate - if it's not covered in mud.

And like my mom says about our crappy things - if someone wants our stuff, they must be worse off than us.

So... how does someone who likes this comic take this? Ha ha, I identify, my car is POS too!

One last thing - when we lived in Italy about 20 years ago (OMG), my parents put a sign on the car saying the door was unlocked, take the radio, but please don't break the glass. I don't understand why glass for car windows was so hard to get in 1990 in mainland Europe, but go figure. Also, the pollution was terrible and the rats there could give NYC rats a run for their money. But the Adriatic Sea was gorgeous, and our off-base apartment had marble floors... perfect for a baby and a toddler!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday June 2nd

The comic:

I... what?

Three lines to say "Pluggers have no friends."

That is a new one.

And they did write... e-mails. Go to the library, pay off the fine, and take a computer course.

THIS is a classic? It's depressing, and I've been suicidal, I know depressing!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday June 1st

The comic:

Dixie is 13.

She still has a full coat.

Er, she would if we didn't just get it shaved for the summer.

Drawing FAIL.

And did he have Shawn Cassidy hair?


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