Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday June 26th

The comic:

I know dogs can get sunburns - hairless breeds, dogs who got their summer shaves, but I have never heard of putting sunblock on them. The normal thing is to keep their outside time to a minimum when the sun is out.

And, forgetting the animal aspect for a second, why do older Pluggers need more sunblock? Because they lose the hair on their heads and a head sunburn is mighty uncomfortable? (Only thing stopping me from shaving my head. That, and I like it when it's braided.)

My first thought was that it was a fat "joke" - they have more body to cover because they got fat, see?

But balding is probably it.

However, this is just wrong, wronger than anything else involving these creatures and I am going to pet a real dog and pretend this never happened.

I suggest you all do the same if you want to survive the weekend.

And wear your sunblock! Despite what my ignorant sister thinks, people with all shades of skin color can get burned and damaged, so get the strongest SPF you can find if you want to go out in the sunniest part of the day! I lost my uncle to skin cancer, I need to take my own advice next time I go out after 10am.

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