Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday June 16th

The comic:

I think I've seen this.

Anyway, I remember my dad settling down to polish his shoes... on dress days... when he was in the military.

The average white-collar worker does not polish their shoes. Especially tennis shoes. And flip-flops - which, if made of the right material, can be washed with a hose.

Anyways, this is his job. He's probably been doing it since 18, since his dad and grandfather worked there. He's most likely part of a union.

But he looks so dejected - does he think she's going to change her mind one day and say, sure make the house muddy - it's not like I've been working all day and just cleaned up after our kids!

Of course, the cynic would say a little mud wouldn't be noticed in a Plugger household. Except, Pluggers love stereotypes, especially sexist ones. And we all know wives henpeck their husbands and are so picky they don't want a bit of dirt in the house!

Also, washing his shoes won't help - maybe hose off the bottom, but unless they're waterproofed on the outside, they'll take some time to dry and he needs them for work tomorrow. So why not just kick them off outside and put on indoor shoes?

When my shoes are too nasty or I got caught in the rain, they sit on the porch. And they take a bit to dry out.

Also, that lunch box is too ridiculous and old fashioned - Plugger men love them!

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