Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday June 15th

The comic:

Ha ha, his vehicle is worthless, but he depends on it because he lives in Pluggerville, which is rural and thus has no public transportation and very little sidewalks away from the shopping areas, so he needs his poor car to survive. He doesn't make enough to repair or restore his car, the only money he can put towards his car is just for cas.

This is hilarious.

And does he carry the boots between the cab and the truck bed? Because every time I see that, I assume a poor guy is being held there by his boots and being dragged around, head near the road.

That poor cop. The Plugger doesn't care, so why should he? But it's better than his other calls about teenagers playing their "heavy metal" Christian music too loud.

Also, most of the Pluggers episodes devoted to cars are about they're in terrible shape - so how can he find it? Oh yeah, license plate - if it's not covered in mud.

And like my mom says about our crappy things - if someone wants our stuff, they must be worse off than us.

So... how does someone who likes this comic take this? Ha ha, I identify, my car is POS too!

One last thing - when we lived in Italy about 20 years ago (OMG), my parents put a sign on the car saying the door was unlocked, take the radio, but please don't break the glass. I don't understand why glass for car windows was so hard to get in 1990 in mainland Europe, but go figure. Also, the pollution was terrible and the rats there could give NYC rats a run for their money. But the Adriatic Sea was gorgeous, and our off-base apartment had marble floors... perfect for a baby and a toddler!

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