Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday June 24th

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Oh wait, I just remembered last summer (or was it the summer before?) when the government offered coupons for the converter box so you could continue to get your network channels in peace.

Before that, I was in awe that they bothered with the converter box.

Plugger question - why does his TV still work but his car is falling apart? TVs are harder to fix and harder to understand. Though maybe they were simpler back then, what do I know about Philcos?

And despite being a disrespectful teenager (I'm 21) I do appreciate a B&W movie or TV show. Andy Griffith in black and white means Barney is still there - in color, he's gone. And I saw a colored version of Mughal-e-Azam that was hideously colored. The director died and he wanted it colored and you can see the scenes he colored (the colors look natural) vs the ones attacked with highlighters.

Futurama's on! And it's new!!!

ETA: I know how to hook up the DVD player, the Wii, and my computer (provided the TV has a VGA port) and a bit about the cable (in the dorm, the cord goes on the wall, and then on my TV! Magic! That does not mean I am a TV expert, just like the fact that I can type without looking and use the internet easily does not mean I am a computer expert. (Though with our old one, I was able to add extra RAM so I could update the Sims (the original, spluh!) - I could take apart the computer casing and do that. But that's about it.) 

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