Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday June 19th

The comic:

Ha ha, people age! Isn't it funny!

And why is he confused? He had to know what movie/sitcom he was watching, right?

And why doesn't he just watch the classics and ignore the fact that actors choose different roles as they age?

Because then he'd have nothing to whine about.

I'm more shocked by my relatives aging, especially my cousins who are kids who I don't see that often. "What do you mean she's graduating from high school?!"

Pluggers don't like change. I get it. So why seek it out? I don't see anyone forcing him to watch it! And what actor is he talking about? Six shooters? An actor who did that is probably dead now! And if he's Clint Eastwood, I doubt he's done a movie with a minivan.

This would work better if he was reading about the new movie online or in the paper - or his grandchild was telling him about it - "Hey, your favorite star from when you were a kid is in this movie... as the grandfather."

Or I could be charitable and say he's watching a commercial for some "wacky" summer movie, but no, I've seen Pluggers put themselves in situations just so they can whine, so no charity!

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