Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hank Hill is a Plugger

And I cannot stand him.

Dale, however, is awesome.

And I would love to live with Bill (as a platonic roommate) and introduce him to the world of Bollywood and cheer him up.

Bobby is also awesome.

Peggy is at times.

But Hank is a major Plugger - he doesn't like new technology, especially computers, and the old way is always best. He also believes in rigid gender roles, hurting his son again and again.

He's also right repeatedly. The episode I just saw involved MySpace (a couple years too late) and he thought it would lead to disaster... and it did.


Stephanie said...

This is amazingly true. And the "Lost in Myspace" episode is a testimony to that. Thanks for reminding me why I read your blog. Cuz you're cool.

Kaitlyn said...

Well you're welcome!

My mom loves the show still and when I went to change the one after it (she was on the computer!) to her music channel, she got all mad and went in another room.


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