Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday the 19th

The comic:


I am doing this before going to class, I am taking time out of my morning. (Not busy, but still!)

And a classic Pluggers?

A recent one?

One I've already done?

One I can't find right now because I'm stupid?


This song will save me.

ETA: I found the first appearance. It's from October of last year. Hardly a classic.


polsy said...

Too much time on my hands today -

Kaitlyn said...

Thank you! I think I found it before you posted, but still, thank you.

I didn't look it up because I wasn't sure how it was labeled and Plugges should never be higher priority than school.

I couldn't find it because I initally left off the RhinoMan tag! The horror.


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