Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday the 7th

The comic:

I saw the speech bubbles before seeing the caption, and I don't see what having a library fine has to do with anything. (College has ruined me, ruined me! I had my first late book ever last semester - a day overdue. A 25 cent fine. And that's it. No other repercussions. Er... what was I so afraid of all these years?) Now to look at the rest of the comic!

Oh, so much hate.

So non-Pluggers don't pay off their debts?

Or Pluggers only have small debts that can be paid off quickly?

You elite snobbish monstrous fuckers!

This also doesn't line up with their definition - if 80% of the population paid off its debts promptly, we'd be in a much different world.


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