Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday the 1st

The comic:

Ha! She's from Travelers Rest, and she can't stay awake for more than an hour while watching tv!

Ha ha ha?

This isn't funny.

If you really can't stay awake for a movie (I saw There Will Be Blood - awesome! Daniel Day-Lewis will never be a Plugger! - a couple weeks ago, and it was long, but I didn't feel tired at all.), get thee to a doctor!

Or watch them earlier in the day, sheesh.

But just not funny, kinda sad really. I have fallen asleep while watching something interesting, just did it this afternoon. (Mom called and woke me up and I thought the 15 minute nap was actually the whole damn day, I MISSED MY CLASSES! OH NOES!!!! She laughed at me and I fell back asleep.)

But I was laying on a bed. (Or couch, when I'm at home.)

I have no sympathy - I hope you have crazy late fees!

Few more things - the male Plugger is just... too big. Seriously.

And rewind? Of course Pluggers still use VHS. And only VHS.

Song of the moment - Aankhen Khuli.

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Sigma287 said...

I guess...I guess I'm a plugger.

When I didn't have cable in my bedroom, I'd put in a movie when going to bed. I liked the noise because it was better than letting my hyperactive mind go when trying to fall asleep. Now I just turn the TV on with a sleep timer.

Of course, I wasn't actually trying to watch said movies, so maybe I have an out there.


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