Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday the 20th

The comic:

We've already redefined spring cleaning for Pluggers. Will this be a yearly occurrence?

His only concern is his tackle box. If he lives alone, okay, he lives in a dirty shack. If he's married, he expects his wife to do the rest of the spring cleaning.

Not that I've ever quite understood "spring cleaning". If you're cooped up because of the bad weather, wouldn't you be more likely to keep everything clean? Sure, you can open the doors and windows in spring, but cleaning can be done year round, right?

Back to the comic - how messy can a tackle box get when it's not being used? And wouldn't it be easier to clean it up when you're done with it, so as soon as the ice melts, you're fishing?

Okay, the Plugger's from Ohio. They may have real winters.

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