Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday November 18th

The comic:

Oh, so we're no longer calling this a classic, but I'm pretty damned sure we've seen this before.

The working woman married into a family of Pluggers, but she will never be fully assimilated because she keeps going to work! Just because she makes more, and her family can live a much more comfortable life on her salary alone! Dames!

But if you were a stay-at-mom, you wouldn't need a stay-at-home-grandma because you'd be at home. Though some grandparents stay at home and don't watch the grandkids. Because they live in New Mexico and the grandkids don't. And some grandparents don't even stay at home! Even some grandmas! I know, the apocalypse is coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Moomy Plugger looks like she's about to unload on Ganny Plugger, and it ain't going to be pretty.

Array said...

Well, since Pluggers are generall crotchety old folks, perhaps the implication is that (despite the obviously ideal raising the Pluggers did as parents) the female progeny of Pluggers have abandoned the Good Old Ways, and therefore Pluggerville is full of liberated wimmens and the old ladies taking their places. As opposed to marrying into this batshittery, that is.

K.T. said...

We have seen this before. And Working Mom Plugger is leaning so far to the left that she looks ready to fall over.

Word verification: sherrume. Sounds like a tasty fungus dessert!


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