Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday November 29th

The comic:

Finally, a grandchild that is not smaller than the family dog.

I don't like the smug look on the grandfather's face. It's creeping me out.

And you don't have to be a Plugger to have lived through things on the History Channel, yes, there is stuff on Hitler and WW2, but also the 60s, and this summer, there was a show taking place, like, now.

Whatever, Pluggers are old.


Array said...

Pluggers haven't had cable since 1995, when the History Channel debuted and was nicknamed The Hitler Channel for its extensive WWII coverage.

Or maybe Pluggers only had cable once, in 1995, during a cable preview weekend. Do they do those anymore? We used to have, like, one weekend a year where we had Disney and HBO and shit like that. Waaaaay back when I was eight or something.

Anonymous said...

I remember those cable previews, except this was way back in the late 1970s when cable = HBO. We felt obliged to watch for hours because how could anyone resist free movies. That's how I got to see the original 'Bad News Bears.'

Kaitlyn said...

I spent Thanksgiving at this resort that had a weird arrangement of cable channels, but they also had HBO, so I got to watch a movie on the teevee with no commercials. Freak me out, ya'll.

I remember a similar preview day on Christmas '98. My sister and I got to watch Titanic. I think it was on the local cable company's pay-per-view channel.


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