Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday March 31st

The comic:

The caption says, "After a plugger has lived it up, he has to live it down." It was sent in by Brad Wesner of Simpsonville, South Carolina and the box says "Thanks to..." which is nice, I guess. There are four Pluggers, two standing, two sitting. One is seated on the other side of the counter, and one is standing on the other side as well, so we can two fully, including the RhinoMan Plugger. A Bear Plugger is seated close to us, and a Dog Plugger is the other one sitting, holding up pictures and grinning a smug grin with his teeth showing. He is saying, "Remember the St. Patrick's Day Party, Andy, when you wore that lampshade on your head?" They appear to be in a diner and the fourth person is a female Plugger and I cannot tell her breed - no rabbit ears, no chicken beak. She is laughing. RhinoMan has no expression I can understand, but "Andy," the bear one looks horrified.

Anyways, Pluggers don't get to have fun that often and when they do, their so-called friends like to make fun of them. Pluggerville seems like a great place to live!

Also, lampshade on the head? Wow, creative!

And RhinoMan has no embarrassing pictures. I imagine he was eating at a booth (alone) and came over because he wanted to be part of the public shaming. I wonder how the Dog Plugger will use the pictures. Blackmail, of course, but what does he want?


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Anonymous said...

At least Plugger-bear kept his pants on. That's showing some restraint.

Also, a lampshade on his head? What, is this 1922? Did he say "23-skidoo" and "cat's pajamas" as well? Or was this just a party sponsored by Leroy Lockhorn?


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