Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday March 4th

The comic:

They've already done this - I think with a poorly drawn dog barking.

And now we see the inside.

But some of the Homeland Security advice seems Pluggerish - duct tape, anyone? And the alerts (I live near a base) are increasingly meaningless - just like Pluggers.

Why is he smiling? Is he smiling?

That is one tiny bed.

And of course, non-Pluggers just lock the damn door and think nothing of it. Maybe if my sister watched the news and was worried about terrorists attacking our backyard, I could get her to lock the damn door once in a while! But this comic says that we (non-Pluggers) don't feel secure with our door locked. Or something.

Lazy all around - bad drawing, lazy concept. The concept can be laid at the submitter's door, but the drawing is all Brookins.

And I call BS - books? Plus, there should be a lamp on both sides of the bed, unless they're synchronized sleepers and readers.

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