Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday March 26th

The comic:

Oh no, my roommate and I are Pluggers. My "bedside table" is my microwave on top of my fridge and hers is two big containers stacked together.

Of course, we're not pretentious and don't call them "end tables" or table of any kind - just a place for our shit.

And why would you keep the dog cage/carrier - open - in the living room? If it's open, the dog can come and go, so why have a carrier? Does he like to sleep in there? If so, it should be in the bedroom, because dogs are clingy little monkeys.

This makes no sense. I just think an overturned milk crate would work better.

This - while serving two purposes - just doesn't make sense. The second purpose is bizarre. For a while, Dixie slept in a carrier (she was a puppy, it was a way to make sure she didn't pee everywhere while I slept) and Mikey slept in the one he came in for a bit before graduating to sleeping on mom's bed and growling at me. No, he growled at me while in the carrier. Ironically, we never used the carrier to take him to the vet. When all the 3 had to go, we used a big cage, the same one we used when we went camping. Sometimes they'd sleep in it while we were camping (with the door shut tight), but we weren't indoors, we were camping.

So this still makes no damn sense.

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