Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday March 18th

The comic:

You know you can change the channel, right?

I cared this year because of Colbert and the American ice dancing team dancing to Bollywood. I did not have to sit through NBC's coverage to find that.

Anyways, Pluggers are boring, like boring things, and like to get published about boring things. (I hear fishing is less boring if you're drunk and/or have dynamite.) Also, Ohio. Paul misses ice fishing, but it's too expensive to drive up to Michigan or Minnesota or Wisconsin. Poor Paul.

Also - timely! And it's a "classic".

Wait - it can't be a classic for true Olympic (winter or summer) fans - they know when ice fishing was added, so seeing this year after year (I guess they save puns for the summer game) must make them angry. For about .00001 seconds before they move on. I'm the only one thinking about this who doesn't get paid. Sad sad sad.

Good night.

Oh, I watched some of the Olympics and freaked out when the skiers did those jumps, and went upside down, I had the TV on, I poked my head in to bother my mom and then I was like "WTF was that what did they just do?"

Also, the final hockey game. I love frequenting places with so many Canadians - they were so happy! And the descriptions - the Torontoians finally know how the Vancouverites felt! Yeah, it wasn't a good fiscal idea, but it seemed like such fun. And not Plugger like.

(Hey wait, Colbert never tried for ice fishing... hmm...)

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