Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday March 10th

The comic:

I don't buy it. Sure, Pluggers still buy newspapers, but knowing what compos mentis means? And what if you can't figure out the clue, does that mean you have yourself declared unfit for... whatever and check yourself into an old age home?

This makes no sense.


Anonymous said...

One definition of compos mentis is "sane" - so what does this mean? I don't think crosswords are a good test of sanity.

I think what's missing is large piles of old newspapers surrounding the plugger showing that even though he is doing the crossword puzzle each day he is still truly insane and completely deluded. That would be more realistic.

William Foss said...

So, if he thought about grinding up the newspaper and using it in his garden, would it be "compost mentis?"
I feel dirty after making such a lame joke.

Anonymous said...

Pluggers quit in frustration after spending ten minutes trying to figure out 'capital of New York.'

Dennis said...

Whne did pluggers ever want to learn to read and write?


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