Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday March 29th

The comic:

The caption says "When a plugger opens her mailbox, it's more pills and bills." It shows a monstrosity opening a mailbox, holding boxes as envelopes fall to the ground. It is poorly drawn. It was sent in by Robert Webb of Gainesville, Georgia.

Uh... what? It rhymes, so that's why? I expected "more pills THAN bills" and when copying the caption, I typed that and had to go back and put it right.

So Pluggers get their prescriptions through the mail. Bully for them. Well, only female ones. Wait - Robert is a male name. Why is it a woman? Why is it "her" mailbox? Who picked the gender - the artist or the real life Plugger?

And what is the point?!

*Trying to make this blog more accessible. My HTML-fu is a bit rusty, so I won't mess with ALT text and just describe (to the best of my abilities) the comic. I will probably use the words "monstrosity" and "poorly drawn" every day. If you didn't know, blind people can use the internet. Text based websites are the most accessible, and describing the image helps a lot.

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Dennis said...

Plugger chicken beast looks like a Dilbert character after sex reassignment surgery.


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