Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday March 12th

The comic:

And that's why they're not invited anywhere.

Wait. In Pluggerville, could they ban pets? I mean, the pets are smaller than the Pluggers!

And they do act like an entourage at times - "Who are you, why do you want near my woman?" AKA yap yap yap yap! Of course, mine are scared of strangers (Dixie and everyone wants to pet her because she's gorgeous), jump on people's legs, begging to be rescued, or yell at them. So Wickett is my only bodyguard. Le sigh. (Wickett has problems. Dixie has decided to become a mother and she bathes him regularly. He looks like he was dumped in a vat of hair gel and smells terrible!)

I like puppies.

Sorry. It's Friday, it's raining, my cold is on the way out, and someone my mom knows died this morning. So I'm not in the mood to be mean. Puppies are cute.

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