Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday March 13th

The comic:

And he needs one. Even I know no "football shirts" - wait, why can't she say jersey? Though the bottom looks like a sweatshirt hem. Okay, that's officially too much thought.

But this neatly sums up "Pluggers" - a cheaper version of something fancy and elite, football, God, cheese, and a henpecked husband. (Why couldn't the wife be the chicken? They both wouldn't have fit in the frame the way he draws.)

And, as a godless killing machine, he is about to go all bear on her. Look at those eyes. He knows he can't go to church and will delay it like a petulant (1)4-year-old, because he doesn't want to burst into flame. "So... baseball shirts are okay?" He will drag out the lacrosse ones to avoid this!

Why is he so pissed? I haven't been since 2004, but even I know this, and if I were going, I'd be RESPECTFUL and dress nice. (It ticked me off to no end that my sister's graduation ceremonies were held in a church. People thought it was bad that my class didn't get to graduate near our town, but at least we didn't have to go to a mega-church. The valedictorian made up for it by praying at the end of his speech.)

Also, I wouldn't go to a church service. It's boring, I don't want to be there. I'm not married, maybe grown-ass adults in a legally binding contract for ADULTS have less rights than minors (who are old enough to stay at home by themselves).

No one's making you go, and seriously, you don't miss the football game. Most services are over by noon or one (we went to the 8 am one for reasons I'll never care about). I don't go for one major reason - it's boring and pulling out a book would probably be disrespectful, and as a Southern Young Lady, I should sit still and not draw and write in the little book provided for bored kids. I also don't believe in it, and making me go when I don't wanna certainly won't change my beliefs! It seems very personal, and if I must do something religion related, I'll watch Life of Brian. But if I have to get up and get out, I'll take the dog on a walk. I did that in 2006, so I didn't have to go to church (and it would have been "forced", even though I was a legal adult). Nature is a better sanctuary... unless there are bears!!!

Anyways, they do this every week and it's such a waste. Also, I appreciate that this was meant Saturday, so everyone could see it, because some people don't get the Sunday one.


Anonymous said...

The worst part is that Plugger-Bear never suspected that he looks terrible. He is truly without style.

Anonymous said...

Wow - seems that this pluggers has deeply touched you spiritually. I figure in a few weeks we will see the exact same drawing with the giant shrew telling the bear, "... you are not wearing that football shirt to my mother's house."

Dennis said...

Maybe they pray to Cthulhu and then who the hell cares what you look like.


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