Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday March 25th

The comic:

Yes, it's so funny when you don't remember things.

Or when walking up the stairs (though if it's 40 times in a row, maybe) is exhausting.

No, it's not funny, it's "touching". The hell? Okay, so we "identify" with the exhausted Plugger.

It's sad, and we're supposed to (as comic mockers) go ha ha, he's fat and old. Ha ha.

I do have a solution - keep all the glasses in a box, and keep said box with you. Or keep multiple pairs, if you got the money. And computer glasses are different from reading glasses? Lordy. I have my one pair because I'm near-sighted. I never leave them on a different floor. Different room, yes.

And ha - the glasses are on his head! I've tried that, not comfortable.

And an extra dose of knee-slapping hilarity - he forgot what he wanted to do, in addition to bad eyesight. It's so fun to make fun of people's illnesses and infirmities. I know I do. I go to St. Jude weekly and point at the girls and laugh because they are bald.

I won't go back and edit my own posts, but as a chronically ill overweight person who forgets things and wears glasses, I don't think I've been too cruel in the past. If I am mean in the future, it will be towards Brookins, to the genuine fans who think this tripe is worth money. Eh, I'm contributing - no such thing as bad press! But sometimes the comic disgusts me, and not because it's really objectionable, but just because what's the point. They're old. They have illnesses. They're fat (or drawn that way). It's not funny.

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