Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday March 23rd

The comic:

You only take medication once a day?

Ha! Wimps.

Mine is bigger and each day has 4 boxes. I only need to use 3 of them.

I guess this is supposed to be sad? Their lives revolve around medication, and everyone knows young people don't take medication unless they have the flu, no the only people taking medication to stay alive are old.

I - a 21 year old - do not have to get up at 8 every day and gag down 8 pills. Nosiree, I'm "young"! Body, please listen and change accordingly. And regrow a thyroid - a working one, if you please!

Needing medicine does not make you a Plugger, nor is it a sign of old age.

Bah, Pluggers love them some stereotypes. They know what they can do with their stereotypes!

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