Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday March 15th

The comic:

Bully for them.

Actually, the increasing control computers have over our vehicles is pretty creepy at times, I'd want a manual override for my windows so my car couldn't suffocate me. (It's so obvious I don't drive.)

It is annoying to have to not start, but still grab the keys to roll up the windows of the truck in case of rain.

But they "know" this - I wonder how long it took for them to figure this out.


Mike Laplante said...

I'm with you. Our current vehicle is a 94 Voyager that we bought in 2000. I explicitly looked for a vehicle without power windows. I'd like to think that in an emergency I can get out of the car fast without worrying about trying to open windows.
Sadly, a few months ago an SUV-ful of young adults died when they accidentally plunged into a pond in the middle of a cow field.(Montana?). Tragically, they were in only about eight feet of water but the water shorted the electrical system. They couldn't open the windows, nor could they push them out against the water pressure outside.
Sometimes 'lo' tech is better...

Marion Delgado said...

... Pluggers are cranks.

Kaitlyn said...

Well, yes, Marion, but if I wrote that every day, I'd get even less comments and traffic than I do now.


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