Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday March 2nd

The comic:

Yes, it's true. 70 F is too hot in summer, but too cold in winter.

This is amazing.

Also, from Florida? Really? Starke is a bit north (I googled), but still.

I spend much of the winter cursing heaters, so I think about this a lot. It has a lot to do with what it's like outside (especially if you have shitty insulation) - when it's 100 F and humid, anything above freezing is too hot, but when it's raining (no snow day) and near freezing, crank that sucker up! (Or not. I have the window wide open, the fan on, and I am that obnoxious college student who wears flipflops year round.)

Weather changes. Pluggers are so perceptive!

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