Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday March 16th

The comic:

Less depressing than the last time they showed balance - or was that about balance? - you remember, the look of horror in the rabbit eared ladies eyes, the kid on her hip.

Pluggers are literal, but not because of any neurological problems, but because they're jerks.

It's so funny when a neurotypical person takes a metaphorical phrase literally! Also, how does this relate to life in general? I guess if you're physically balanced the rest will follow?

I do this sometimes - if I have my purse on my right side, I have my mp3 player in my left pocket. Balance, she says, before tripping over nothing.

So yeah, they're jerks.

But he's smiling, which is better than that look of rage/dead inside.

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Anonymous said...

Pluggers work long hours and ignore the kids. But they have keys!


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