Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday March 30th

The comic:

The caption says "A plugger's serving size is all-he-can-eat." It was sent in by Merla Mae Russel of Marion, Iowa, and is called a "classic". This means nothing, because they once called something a classic that was about five months old. It shows a happy Plugger, with a big grin on his face and his tongue stuck out, as if he's licking his lips in anticipation of "all-he-can-eat." He is a bear monster. He is holding a can that says BEEF RAVIOLI 39 oz, and pouring the whole thing into a bowl. I think that's the side of a microwave next to the bowl, because cold ravioli is icky. The drawing is pretty good except for the Plugger himself, but since we don't see much of him, the only bad part is the hand holding the bowl.

Only male Pluggers get to do that - a lady must watch her figure, after all!

I can't be too mad, he looks happy. And food is good. It keeps you alive.

And you should eat what fills you up. Serving suggestions are jokes and they're mostly used for misleading advertising - only 5 calories in a bottle of our soda! (5 calories per serving and how many servings?)

I want some canned ravioli. That sounds good. (College student with chronic pain condition whose pain is slowly going away. Ten minutes from now, this would be a dissertation length and make no damn sense to anyone but me, and not even me come the morning.)

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Dennis said...

Do plugggers even taste the food they inhale?


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