Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday October 8th

The comic:

Then why watch in the first place?

That's not always a bad thing, you know. You can learn about somebody new, or a new book from a guest you've never heard of. I don't recognize all the guests on The Daily Show and Colbert Report, but that don't make me a Plugger.

Pluggers live in vacuums, I swear. He's got Tivo, because he never sees commercials for upcoming concerts and movies, and he doesn't watch anything but Jay Leno.



ETA: Oh, hey, this demolishes any teensy chance that Pluggers love Arrested Development! (Actually, that would be Brookins who didn't watch it, but shut up.)

No, I don't know who any of the other names are. I think there's a new tv show called Little Britain, but I don't know. And I'm not looking it up. I kinda recognize the other names.

Who cares?

It's Leno.

Waitasec... a Plugger watching Leno? Alright, Central Time Zone, so it's on at 10:30, not 11:30, but still. How could he stay up so late? Meth?


andy? said...

isn't Indiana in the eastern time zone?

Kaitlyn said...

You're probably right.

What I know about Indiana is shameful, because I know its relative location and capital.

That's it.


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