Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wednesday October 22nd

The comic:

When I saw the top half of this comic (no little Plugger, just enough to know it was the chicken), I thought of how Dixie killed a chicken. Only because I was talking to some people from Nebraska, and that's where her reign of terror began

Anyways, this is should be called a Plugger Food Bank - after all, Pluggers are animals and they're feeding their fellow Pluggers. Stale bread. Classy.

Geese suck, anyways. The ones at this one park bite and harass the ducks, and oh those are ducks in the comic. I think. The band around the neck means it's a duck, right?

The chicken lady is so weird here - it's like the rooster's crown was placed on Brookin's old female mammal template. Nothing is birdlike about her - no feathers, no beak.

So maybe she wants to live with the ducks, she knows this is an unnatural existence?

The kid could care less. He doesn't look like a monster.

Yeah, I don't have much to say. I don't know what the hell the phrase is supposed to mean or why it matters that they've interpreted it as the quintessential old person activity, feeding birds. (Yeah, young people do it too, I did before going off to do something more interesting, like roll down a hill.)

It has something to do with getting followers or supporters, right? Is it Biblical in nature?

I just realized I never want to see Plugger religious iconography - pictures of saints or Jesus - eek!


Sigma said...

It's paraphrasing Ecclesiastes 11:1, which says nothing about the bread being stale. In fact, the bread being stale (and giving it to ducks) goes incredibly against the whole passage, which tells us to live generously as we never know if we'll ever need the generosity of others. Give freely, and it will come back to you.

I feel like going further into the many ways this panel can be and is wrong (over analyzing, woo!), but I'll summarize it like this:

Get stuffed, Pluggers.

Kaitlyn said...

Why would a Plugger need the generosity of others? They're self-sufficient, they don't need any help from anybody.

And since they don't need any help, why help anybody else?

So this would have been better if they'd been donating something to Goodwill or the food bank.

This week has been shattering Plugger stereotypes: they're traditional parents - nope! Kid charges his idiot dad interest!
They're church-type folks! Nope! Bible verses mean diddly squat to them.

But they are Pluggers - maybe the ducks will save them from drowning or something - the sender is from Florida, after all.

Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't Noah a supposed Plugger? How can Pluggers ignore what the Bible says when a plugger is in the damn thing?

Kaitlyn said...

Perhaps they only read what they want to read in the Bible.

Keep in mind, being Pluggers, they're stupid beyond belief.

Bryce Baker said...

feeding ducks bread products totally messes up the natural chemical balance of ponds and helps water plants grow much more quickly, which chokes the oxygen out of the water and kills lots of other organisms as a result. Pluggers suck

Marion Delgado said...

I have to disagree with Bryce. What makes Pluggers suck is that feeding ducks bread causes angel wing syndrome (feathers grow heavier than wing bones can support) rendering them flightless. And it ruins their foraging and makes them hang around human areas.

Wait, I'm being unfair, Bryce is right, too.

True Moral: Pluggers are like string theory, they suck in like 15 dimensions.

Word Verification: "Sprequ" is the noise a Plugger makes before clutching their chest and dropping to the concrete sidewalk and spilling their parcels after you jump out and yell at them.


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