Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday October 9th

The comic:


Pluggers are the obnoxious SUV drivers!

Plus, Brookins can't draw for shit. That truck with camper is so short, it looks like a simple, not-exactly-new SUV.

And I have been in the back of an SUV and the back of a truck with camper. One is safer than the other (seatbelts), while the other is more fun, because you get to play Barbies and stretch out. I have never seen an SUV with as much play space as pickup.

And with improvements in MPG for SUVs, a new non-Hummer SUV gets more MPG than your old Nebraska short truck.

Seriously, Brookins, work on your vehicles.

The Gender Sender Bender is really funny, because while soccer moms used to be in minivans, they soon switched to SUVs. (At least on the Tee-Vee.) And I can see a Plugger as a smug stay-at-home soccer mom. (Smug! SMUG! Nothing against stay-at-home soccer/hockey moms!)

As for SUVs vs. trucks when it comes to moving things, I guess in rural America, like Nebraska, where everyone's hauling dirty farmy stuff, a truck bed is better than the back of an SUV. And a camper gives you protection from the rain. (Though it cuts off the height.)

But Lincoln is a city. With non-farm jobs. My (Nebraska) aunt and uncle, while they do have chickens and a pickup truck, have non-farm jobs. And they live in a teensy town that can't even be called a town. Maybe a village. Hamlet. Incorportated area. Sometimes they could be Pluggers, but I love them, so they're not.

ETA: Pluggers, you really missed your mark. I get that you're better than me because I have an SUV because I'm rich and stuff, while you're a common man with your pickup truck and camper shell. But now it's you guys with the SUVs (and still a pickup), while us fancy pants non-Pluggers have moved on to smaller cars (and some SUVs).

What would have been better is a real SUV, all muddy because you use it off-road, with a caption implying that non-Pluggers don't.

"You're a Plugger if you miss the mark when describing what makes you a Plugger."

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