Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday October 28th

The comic:

I know a weed eater can fit in the trunk of a car. Of course, a Plugger car is smaller than a regular one.

Also, who keeps a weed eater in their car? RhinoMan has a shed, why don't you?

This is just a major disconnect - lawn shit in the trunk of your car. And not new.

I understand the caption - some people treat their cars as rolling lockers (students), offices, or just storage. My sister certainly does.

So all Pluggers are slobs are now.

But a weed eater.

In the trunk of a car.

That is hard to find. They ain't small people. How can you lose a weed eater in a car trunk?

Brookins, your illustration sucks.


Sigma said...

Yeah, a weed eater is definitely either there or not there. Something that size in that space you're going to see. It would make just as much sense if the Plugger was going "I know I put that deer carcass in here somewhere" and the caption was "A Plugger meat locker".

Though it'd probably be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Bear-man has a weird ass.


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