Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday October 17th

The comic:

From RhinoMan to gender stereotypes! Gotta love Pluggers. I think the only theme has been reruns.

And of course this was sent in by a guy. From Texas. There are good people in Texas - my aunt and uncle, for one. But still. No surprises here.

He doesn't want visual peace and quiet, and that's weird. Peace and quiet is not the norm, it is something different, something private. The living room recliner may be comfy, but dude, you're in a public room.

I'm big on nature and the outdoors for peace and quiet, especially with a Bollywood soundtrack courtesy of my mp3 player. Those things are portable peace and quiet, you know?

And I am like the Plugger here. I create different noise, I cut off the outside world (to an extent).

Put never to escape a nagging spouse. 'Course, I'd be the nagging one, what with the gender and all, so I'll never get to experience his peace and quiet.

Also the newspaper? Dude. Come on. At least he's reading.

I feel for his wife. If she loves him, she'd be worried if he didn't respond and just did this without telling her first. ("Honey, I'm really stressed out. Can I have some peace and quiet?") But this is a Plugger marriage and that is crazy talk! One day, dude, she is going to take all the money and go to some Plugger paradise. (Boise.)

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