Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday October 18th

The comic:

I thought this was a guy - you know, a professional the kind us non-Pluggers hire to paint less than a square foot of our wall - at first, but dude, is that a chest? And earrings? And Brookins female template?

I just finished Boys Don't Cry. Talk about a snapshot of a Pluggerville - no, not the characters, the town. Rural Nebraska. Nebraska.

Except this one is from Minnesota. Oh, every state has rural redneck areas that seem as dead-end as a town in rural Nebraska.

What is there to say about the comic itself? Whatevs, to quote my sister who was a total bitch but I wasn't miss sweet 'n' nice myself, so I still love her. Like she reads this.

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Array said...

Minnesota is full of Pluggers-esque characters. Just watch Drop Dead Gorgeous.


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