Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday October 15th

The comic:

You're a Plugger if you're nosy.

This says Pluggers have many friends (or live in teeny towns) and they care about their friends and neighbors, while us soulless non-Pluggers would delete the message saying the test came back negative, you're not going to die before eating some arugula.

I seriously doubt a doctor's office would leave a message for the wrong number. Your answering machine/voicemail features your name (or your phone number).

I'd think of changing doctors if mine did this. Sloppy with innocent information, what about the delicate stuff?


Sigma said...

The hospital my family goes to uses an automated system. Having the name and number on the answering machine message wouldn't do anything there. I think really in that case (and other cases, really) the problem would be taken care of with the first incorrect number. But this is Pluggerville, so lets look into the situation at face value.

Since the chicken lady doesn't say anything about the wrong number, this might have happened before. Maybe they have complained, and the hospital is so poorly run they just don't care to fix the mistake. And the off-screen plugger can't do anything about it since they're on medicare.

Plugger life is bleak.

Either that or yeah, Chicken Lady really is just that nosy.

Kaitlyn said...

Why can't it be both?


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